Dermal Renwal Complex Enzymes

Enzymes in Skin Care

What exactly are they and why should you be aware of them.  
Our Dermal Renewal Facial uses professional grade fruit enzymes and our Buttermilk Cleanser, Active Face Cleanse Gel and Detox Face Mask all use enzymes suitable for frequent use.

 What Are Enzymes?

Enzymes are comprised of amino acids so they are a type of proteins that are made by living things. And enzymes act as a catalyst, speeding up or allowing reactions to happen in conditions that they usually wouldn’t. There are many different types of enzymes. In fact, our bodies produce enzymes to speed up reactions during physiological processes such as digestion or metabolism.

What Do Enzymes Do For the Skin?

Enzymes break down the keratin protein in the upper layer of the skin. Keratin is the protein that bonds dead skin cells together. Once the Keratin bonds are broken, the dead skin can gently slough off. This results in smoother, softer skin – plus scars and hyperpigmentation is diminished.

The enzymes used in Organic Apoteke products are sourced from fruits and vegetables, such as papaya pineapple, cherry, cranberry and orange. Papaya & pineapple enzymes are called proteolytic enzymes and their role is to break down proteins like keratin.

Ever wondered why your mouth can feel a little sensitive and funny after you eat pineapple? This is down to the enzymes breaking down keratin in your mouth.

Our Dermal Renewal Facial also use enzymes from cherry, cranberries and oranges. These are metabolic enzymes and stimulate cellular function – resulting in skin cell turnover of healthier skin cells.

Are Enzymes Better Than Acids?

Enzymes are much more gentle than acids. They offer a safer way to exfoliate and brighten your complexion. Enzymes are specially beneficial for those with sensitive skin and women who are pregnant. In general, acids like AHAs and BHAs are more potent, so they will work more intensely and with a greater chance for irritation and burning.

Enzymes a great choice for those who are unable to tolerate acids and need a gentler yet effective alternative.

Furthermore enzyme-based products don’t disrupt the pH of your skin.

“Since I have sensitized skin from living in a polluted city, I find enzymes are a more gentle way to exfoliate my skin from top to toe,” she says.

It is often said that enzymes aren’t as good at dissolving oil and treating congestion as acids. For this reason Organic Apoteke products and treatments use a patented, two step process to remove oil and congestion before enabling the enzymatic action. With our treatments and products you get the benefits of acids without the nasty side effects.

How Often Can You Use Enzymes?

Even though enzymes are more gentle, you need to use them with caution. Our Buttermilk Cleanser, Active Face Cleanse Gel contain enzymes in a way that is safe to use daily. Our Detox Face Mask contains deeper acting enzymes and we recommend using once or twice per week. However the Detox Face Mask is an effective overnight spot treatment because of these enzyme. It helps resolve cystic acne and deeper pimples to heal because it breaks down keratin allowing the active healing ingredients to start working at a deeper level. If you are uncertain about how to use your enzyme containing products please follow the instructions on the bottle.

Our Dermal Renewal Facial uses the Dermal Renewal Complex which contains much more potent enzymes. It is for this reason that this product is for professional use only and we recommend having this treatment at least two weeks apart. However due to the efficacy of the enzymes in our Dermal Renewal Complex, you will see results after only 1 treatment. For deeper scars & longstanding hyperpigmentation, you will need more than one treatment.

News Flash:

We have a new treatment launching this summer. The Prana Flow Body Treatment uses enzymes to renew skin over the entire body. Using enzymes on your body has another welcome benefit besides exfoliating and brightening the skin.  It reduces ingrown hairs and lightens hair growth on areas treated. This is because enzymes work on the keratin in hair too. It breaks it down to lighten the pigments and texture of unwanted hair.

Enzymes can be used from top to toe to gently and effectively exfoliate, brighten and smooth the skin.