REJUVENATE: Gemstone Facial

Is your skin showing signs of aging such as wrinkles, loss of tone, sagging. Is your skin dehydrated and lack colour and vibrancy? This facial is for you.

A dramatic age defying treatment that improves skin tone and elasticity with the added benefit of a deeply relaxing experience. Ayurvedic marma massage techniques work the face, neck and shoulders. Gemstones selected to compliment your dosha (ayurvedic type) are used. A proprietary pentapeptide complex fortifies collagen and elastin structures, while a generous helping of luxurious oils and extracts help lighten age spots, improve complexion and nourish all layers of the skin. A foot massage stimulates reflex points that revitalise the face and neck.

Damaged and depleted collagen and elastin causes wrinkles, loss of tone and sagging

Our revolutionary peptide complex helps to reconstructs collagen and elastin to smooth wrinkles and improve tone

CLARIFY: Prana Facial - 50 minutes

Do you suffer from clogged pores, blemishes, or inflamed skin?
Then this facial is for you.

Ideal for clarifying and detoxifying, the Prana Facial actively clears the skin. Our highly effective products works directly with the body to correct sebum imbalances and calm inflammation. Our unique massage technique stimulates circulation for deep healing.


After the prana facial

GLOW: Dermal Renewal - 35 minutes

Do you suffer from age spots sun damage or scars?
Then this facial is for you.

Instant Radiance. An intensive yet gentle treatment using fruit or milk extracts, designed to revive and renew, revealing healthier, younger-looking skin. Gentle lymphatic massage stimulates for an even, radiant complexion.


After the dermal renewal facial

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