Ayurveda: The science of self-care

Self-care has become something of a buzz term in recent years, with individuals needing more of a helping hand than ever to take care of the person within.

As one of the planet’s oldest medical systems, Ayurveda has long been used as a holistic way to look after your physical and mental health.

It’s still used to this day to promote that feeling of wellbeing not just for the short term but for the long haul.

Here we take a closer look at how Ayurveda can be used in your daily life to take care of you from the inside and out.

Spark your curiosity

Self-care should really be recoined ‘self-study’, after all how can you look after yourself without firstly knowing yourself? Spark your curiosity and a lifelong relationship with Ayurveda by getting to know the things that make you tick and the stubborn habits that need replacing.

One of the first things we’d recommend is finding out what your dosha or Ayurvedic body type is. Your dosha will help you define not just a diet that brings balance to your body but discover lifestyle habits and a wider Ayurvedic perspective that’s good for your body, mind and soul.

Take our body type quiz to find your dosha.

Reset your routine

Being thrown in and out of lockdown is doing nothing for our routines. But for many this period of unrest also provides the perfect time to hit that reset button. Use your time in lockdown to experiment with your daily routine, and establish Ayurveda-inspired habits that put your health and wellbeing first.

Your morning routine, in particular, is a biggie as Diana Waldron explains in her guide to morning bliss courtesy of Ayurveda:

“Establishing a morning routine provides regularity. It allows the nervous system to reset. Your body knows what to expect each morning. It calms the mind and gives clarity. It also provides a sense of inner peace… You create a container which is sacred for you and you alone in order to get in touch with your inner truth. You’ll feel more supported when you take care of your needs first instead of tending to the world’s needs.

By redefining your morning routine now, you’ll be able to begin every day with the right mindset. So, rise before or with the sun, meditate, enjoy a glass of warm water, give your skin some TLC, and eat a healthy breakfast to start the day the Ayurvedic way.

Focus on oral hygiene

You may not have been expecting this one, but whilst we’re on the topic of mindful morning routines, we thought we’d broach the subject of oral hygiene.

Good oral hygiene is not just essential to general self-care, it’s a major component of ‘dinacharya’, a daily routine that’s recommended for those looking to live a healthier, happier and longer life.

Think of your morning oral hygiene session as a relaxing ritual, and go to town with tongue scraping, oil pulling and your DIY essential oil mouthwash – a mix of peppermint, lemon and tea tree is the perfect substitute for that chemical-laden Listerine.

Make massage a daily thing

Having a massage every day may seem a little indulgent but as well as you deserving that daily treat, getting intimate with yourself is a simple way to promote self-care and connect the body with the mind.

There are many types of Ayurvedic massage, from Abhyanga, Vishesh and Pizzichilli to Udvartana, Garshan, Svedana, and Marma Therapy. Finding your favourite technique and indulging yourself every day for at least five minutes will improve that mind/body cohesion and give your cells the boost they need.

As well as being picky about your technique, have the same selective attitude to the oils you use. Again knowing your dosha will come in handy here. Kaphas and Vatas will discover more benefits with a warming sesame oil, whilst Pittas will enjoy a lighter sunflower or coconut oil.

Trust yourself to self-care

Healthline recently reported that 44% of people believe that self-care is only possible with enough time and money. But as Ayurvedic principles and the tips above prove, self-care isn’t difficult or expensive.

Using Ayurveda as self-care isn’t about restricting the things you love or spending a pretty penny on overhauling your routine.

Cast judgment and constraints to one side to develop a self-care routine that supports you. Invest in just a few natural products – you’ll be spoilt for choice when browsing our Ayurveda-inspired skincare range – to help you care for and love yourself every single day.