Ayurveda & Yoga: the perfect pair to promote self-esteem

The simple truth is that nothing is more important than how you feel about yourself, and your self-esteem plays an integral role in making this all-important opinion a positive one.

The connection between self-esteem and wellbeing is well established. Being happy within ourselves is key to promoting the positivity and balance that makes life a joy to live.

But, especially considering the uncertain times of today, it’s getting more and more difficult to build and cement the self-confidence that makes us feel good both inside and out. That’s where Ayurveda and yoga come in.

Using a combination of these two sister sciences helps harness the positive energy and attitude we all need to enjoy higher levels of self-esteem and reap the many rewards of a more confident, cared-for you.

So, without further ado, let us talk you through how Ayurveda and yoga can be used in unison to promote an undeniable love for yourself this February and beyond.

Soothe your soul

One of the many benefits of leading a yogi lifestyle is building the self-confidence that can pacify even the longest-running low self-esteem issues.

Yoga is, after all, a self-soothing practice. Every pose has a healing effect on self-doubt, low self-esteem, and feelings of instability, unhappiness, and negativity.

By practising yoga, you can hit the pause button to actively calm your mind and manage emotions. Regular yoga sessions also improve your clarity, this helps ensure a clearer mindset to take those poignant steps forward.

Some yoga poses are more self-soothing than others. The child’s pose for example is a classic resting yoga move that grounds your mind, body, and soul for better emotional stability and improved relaxation.

Here’s more self-soothing, confidence-enhancing yoga poses to add to your daily workout and build your inner strength.

Go back to basics

Combining daily yoga with key Ayurvedic principles will help you realise a calmer, more contented you.

It’ll also leave you more satisfied, energised, confident and ultimately better prepared to heal those emotional imbalances that can leave self-esteem on the back foot.

Getting back to basics is the key to embracing Ayurveda in your everyday life. Even a few Ayurveda-inspired tweaks to your diet can make a world of difference as a result.

Going ‘satvik’ with your diet is an easy way to embrace Ayurveda and unlock the self-esteem boosting benefits the age-old practice brings. We’ll let Ayurvedum explain more about how the satvik diet balances the body, mind, and spirit:

“Organic and seasonal is what a satvik food diet includes and not just the elimination of grains. The foods that get to your place considering the satvik diet must be natural, pure, strengthening, energetic, wisely chosen and consciously consumed. These must balance your doshas and also be nourishing for the soul.”

Slowing down and getting back to basics with something as important as your everyday diet will offer that holistic alignment your body and mind needs to love yourself like never before.

Find more advice on eating right for your Ayurvedic body type right here. Not sure what your dosha is? Take our body type quiz to reveal all, you’ll even receive a personalised diet plan!

Enhance your self-worth

No one is immune to the effects of low self-esteem. It can strike at any time, whatever your age, circumstances, or gender.

Low self-esteem can be the result of a variety of factors, including trauma and other stressful events, negative relationships, bullying, and even your own negative thoughts.

Regardless of the causes of your low self-esteem, the powerful effects of yoga can heal those wounds to promote better self-image, self-worth, self-respect, and self-confidence.

Yoga practice has long been a route to managing stress and combating feelings of depression. When combined with meditation, the benefits of yoga become even greater with a better inward connection with your body and your emotions paving the way for improved self-esteem.

On top of this, yoga and meditation enable you to develop better concentration levels and focus to make more mindful choices in your everyday life. This can be instrumental in the way you handle confidence-knocking stress in the short and long term.

Get in touch with you

Getting in touch with yourself (quite literally) with a spot of Ayurvedic massage can promote a deeper feeling of self-care and improve your self-esteem no end.

The warm, loving techniques of Abhyanga can joyfully connect the body and mind to relax, refresh and reveal a more positive you.

February may be the month where love is firmly on the agenda. But prioritising self-love all year round is essential for restoring balance, enhancing wellbeing, and promoting that feeling of stability and warmth that boosts your self-love.