Face cloth benefits

Why everyone should have a bamboo face cloth in their life

Effective, all-natural, multifunctional skincare may be our bread and butter, but the accessories and tools you use to apply your carefully chosen products to your skin every day really do matter. This is exactly why we’re recently added an exciting new product to our range.

Here we introduce our new Biodegradable Bamboo Reusable Face Cloths and reveal the many benefits that go hand-in-hand with this incredible beauty must-have.

It’s soft on you

You’ll be surprised by just how soft our reusable bamboo face cloths are. Traditionally used as an eco-building material and a hard-wearing, equally environmentally friendly household textile, it’s easy to think that bamboo isn’t a suitable fabric to use directly on the skin.

Contrary to popular belief, you’ll find a touchable softness that you just won’t get with the rough flannels that everyone is so accustomed to using.

This beautiful, breathable fabric is the special treat your skin has been longing for, with its naturally hypoallergenic, super soft, skin-friendly nature designed to make your skin happy.

It’s easy on your skin

It’s not just the intense softness that your skin can look forward to when using a reusable bamboo face cloth. Regardless of the skincare routine you rely on, bamboo’s antibacterial qualities will give your complexion the healthy boost it deserves, even after you wash your cloth time and time again.

Along with its antibacterial nature, which helps to prevent and treat breakouts, you can cleanse thoroughly without irritation.

Despite its strength and durability, your skin’s microbiome is a delicate thing. It needs to be cleansed deeply but gently. With a bamboo face cloth, you can do just that and minimise the redness, inflammation and irritation that puts your skin in a vulnerable position.

It’s the natural choice

Keeping things as natural as possible is what the skin needs, and that doesn’t just apply to your food and skincare choices. The fibres that come into contact with the skin should be natural to prevent irritation, and keep your skin looking and feeling its very best.

With our reusable bamboo face cloths, what you see is what you get. There’s no synthetic content, toxins, chemicals, colourings, pesticides or fertilisers, just pure and simple bamboo fibres.

It’s kind to the planet

When deciding how to care for our skin, sustainability sits pretty high on our list of priorities. By going reusable with a bamboo face cloth, you’re choosing to protect the environment and saying “goodbye” to hugely wasteful, disposable wipes and cotton wool pads.

As well as being reusable, bamboo face cloths are sourced from a completely renewable resource. We’ll let The Green Living Guy tell you more about bamboo’s very sustainable roots:

“A single culm of bamboo has been recorded as growing 39 inches in a single twenty-four hour period – that’s more than an inch every hour! The majority of trees from which wood is harvested to produce furniture, paper, etc., take anywhere between 20 and 120 years to reach maturity. Bamboo, on the other hand, reaches maturity and is ready to be harvested in as little as two years after the initial sprouting.”

Its fast-growing nature and the fact that it grows on its own without any help from damaging irrigation practices, pesticides or fertilisers makes bamboo a highly sustainable addition to your beauty regime.

Bamboo also leaves behind a very low carbon footprint, even after it’s harvested. Bamboo grass doesn’t cause soil erosion and will produce just over a third more oxygen than a forest of trees of the same size, whilst the products it creates are fully biodegradable.

Shop our Biodegradable Bamboo Reusable Face Cloths and discover all the benefits of bamboo in person.

Image: puhhha / Shutterstock.com