Slow beauty

Slow beauty – fad or forever?

Like so many industries, the beauty sector is full of fads, which before you know it, you’re sucked into and mindlessly splurging on unnecessary products because of. The latest trend that’s got all the industry talking is slow beauty. It’s a mindful movement that will transform the way you choose, purchase, use and enjoy beauty products.

Slow beauty encourages the use of less yet higher quality products. Solutions that care for you for the long term, and don’t provide the quick fix solutions that so many of us have come to rely on these days. The less is more mantra of slow beauty is beneficial on all levels, not just a personal one, but more on that later!

Here we discuss the benefits of slow beauty and ultimately uncover whether it’s a flash in the pan or here to stay.

It’s made for the long haul

As the polar opposite of the quick fix, slow beauty encourages us to take time to get to know ourselves, determine our needs, and purchase products and develop routines that satisfy them.

The products we use should after all be treats for the skin. Whilst application should provide time to de-stress and relax our bodies and minds. Yet in this fast-paced world, where everything has to happen right now (or even yesterday!), we’ve conditioned ourselves to be lovers of the quick fix and users of elaborate beauty routines that are far from sustainable or respectful to natural beauty and function.

Slow beauty is different. There are no quick fixes, just the opportunity to give the skin what it needs and give you the time to enjoy better quality for the long term.

It’s kind to the skin

We touched on the fact that as a planet, we tend to choose the quicker, more invasive, more complex fix when it comes to looking after our skin. Whilst this approach may work wonders in the short term, in the long haul, it could be doing more harm than good.

It’s easier than you think to overload and over-treat the skin. The wrong products can damage the natural function of your skin’s acid mantle and disrupt that all-important skin microbiome.

Slow beauty products use the most natural, organic, and skin-friendly ingredients to work with, not against, your skin to aid and enhance its natural function. The result? Happier, healthier, more balanced skin that looks as good as it feels.

It’s the key to a better you

It’s not just your skin that will reap the rewards of a slower beauty regime. Your wider body and mind will benefit too. By buying only what you need and investing in products that have that feel-good factor (i.e. support you, the planet and its living things), you can really enjoy beautifying yourself every, single day.

When using products that you love and have spent time getting to know, there’s no place for slap-dash application or a quick slather and run. Slow beauty encourages you to make the most of your beauty routine, with self-massage, relaxation and mindful application working wonders for your mental and emotional state.

The pampering process releases endorphins to boost your mood and quash negativity, anxiety and stress, leaving you feeling a little lighter after application. Come night-time, choosing skincare rather than screen time will help you sleep better, and you’ll feel the effects the morning after too.

It’s great for the planet

With our use of ethical and sustainably sourced ingredients, slow beauty brands like us are shifting the focus from quantity to quality to give you an even better way to care for your skin.

By investing in just a few beauty and skincare products that are specially selected for you, you can also cut out the complex routines that use more products and generate even more waste, and the planet will thank you for it!

As well as buying fewer products to waste, slow beauty lovers are choosing brands that care about the planet as well as results. Many of these brands are making the move to eco-friendlier packaging, which is being applauded by consumers and supported by government legislation as Stylist details:

“…the first beauty environmental success story has happened in the UK as legislation banning products containing microbeads (plastic particles used in many cleansers, toothpastes, and scrubs) was passed last year. But that’s just the start as the beauty industry continues to listen to its customers’ concerns. Research from Euromonitor has found that eco-friendly packaging is more important to consumers than ever.”

A final word from us…

Slow beauty isn’t a trend but a beauty movement. From the benefits it unlocks for your skin, wider body and mind to the plus-points for the planet, it’s an approach that makes so much sense in so many ways.

Slow beauty is also a celebration of individuality – we all have different needs and so does our skin. By catering to these unique requirements, we’re finding the most effective skincare solutions and discovering so much more about ourselves.

Here at Organic Apoteke, we’ve always believed that the simplest solutions are the most effective – and we’re pleased the rest of the industry is catching on! That’s why we stock just 8 products in our all-natural range, a combination of which can be used to create a back to basics 2 or 3 step routine.

Explore our simple 3-step solutions or slow down and shop our full organic, ethical skincare range right here.

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