How to get dewy skin look

Get the look: our top tips for a fresh, dewy complexion

Looking fresh and glamourous yet effortless and natural isn’t an easy balance to strike. Yet this season’s hottest look ticks all these boxes.

Bright, beautiful, dewy complexions are everywhere! It’s the perfect look for summer, and whether you have dry, oily or radiance-resistant skin, everyone can enjoy a fresh, dewy complexion by following our top tips.

Just add water

Healthy, hydrated skin doesn’t just come down to the products you apply topically. That’s why we’re starting our rundown to a fresh, dewy complexion with a beauty and health basic.

Drinking more water works wonders for your skin, whatever your age or skin type. Upping your water intake has a tightening effect that actively tones sagging skin. It also helps to maintain a good pH balance to ensure your skin microbiome can thrive, flush toxins and give you that healthy glow.

The detoxifying nature of proper hydration keeps pores clear and skin concerns like acne and blemishes under control. It paves the way for dewy skin too, with the hydrating effect a water-enriched diet unlocks boosting health inside the body and showing itself on the outside!

Exfoliate your skin

Whilst there’s such a thing as over-exfoliating, skipping this step completely will stop your quest for dewy skin in its tracks. Regular exfoliation is particularly vital during summer as The Zoe Report explains:

“There are a number of reasons as to why your skin changes during the summer, but the most obvious is an increased amount of sun exposure. As lifestyles change and the day-to-day becomes centred around outdoor activities such as hiking or swimming in salt or chlorine water, the various environment and climate shifts could potentially wreak havoc on your skin.”

With regular, gentle exfoliation, you can buff away those summer skincare challenges to a dewy, fresh and healthy finish. Be sure to choose a natural, nourishing exfoliator like our Buttermilk Cleanser to resurface the skin gently.

Stimulate with massage

We’re all for a bit of self-care, but including massage in your daily beauty ritual does more than just relax your mind and body for the day ahead.

Regular facial massage can be used to achieve that dewy look naturally. It oxygenates and detoxifies the skin to actively drain toxins and reduce puffiness leaving it fresher, brighter and more beautiful.

Just a few seconds of massage per day counts, and is especially effective on sensitive areas like under those tired eyes we all get in the morning.

Moisturise to illuminate

So, your body is well hydrated from the inside, but how can you give your skin a good gulp of moisture on the outside? With a good quality moisturiser or hydrating gel of course!

Our Active Face Hydrating Gel is a multi-action wonder that uses active botanicals to even complexion, heal and protect the skin, bring balance, and prevent breakouts. It also refines pores, calms inflammation and intensely moisturises to give the skin a fresh, dewy, healthy appearance.

By choosing a multifunctional product you can satisfy your skin on every level to give it exactly what it needs.

Spritz throughout the day

For an instant hit of dewy goodness, invest in a hydrating face mist. It’ll intensify that coveted glow even as the day wears on. Hydrating face mists give you a quick boost in no time at all, and hydrate, illuminate and cool without disturbing your existing skincare regime or sunscreen.

Take serums seriously

Serums do a lot of things that moisturisers and other beauty products just don’t. Those serious about enjoying the dewy look during summer and beyond should make daily serum use a part of their morning and evening skincare regimes.

Serums provide the ultimate boost, leaving your skin healthy, nourished and glowing for the long term.

Our Rasayana Rejuvenating Serum goes six steps further to help decrease fine lines and wrinkles, tackle lost tone, reduce moisture loss, increase firmness, boost hydration, and lighten age spots.

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