Gut Cleanser Virtual Retreat

Good Gut Microbiome

Living inside our bodies are trillions of microorganisms — bacteria, viruses, fungi and other life forms that are collectively known as the microbiome. Various organs have distinct microbial inhabitants, but the group that has attracted the most attention over the last decade is the microorganisms that live in the gut.


Several diseases are thought to be influenced by the gut microbiome. These include cancer, autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis and autism spectrum disorder. The gut microbiome also strongly interacts with prescribed drugs and how we digest and absorb the food we eat.
A huge amount of research evidence now exists highlighting the role that gut microbiome’s plays in our health and wellbeing. Scientists globally are looking for ways to create the a “good gut microbiome”. This is probably the most effective method not only to treat but to prevent disease.

But this is no easy task. There are, after all, hundreds of distinct bacterial species in the gut — some pathogenic and some beneficial that live in our GUTS. And what research suggests is that “good gut microbiomes” are individualised. Each one of us has a suitable gut microbiome that is most health for us.

While this is a relatively new area of study in modern medicine, Ayurveda has always suggested individualised dosha diets for health. Furthermore, for centuries Ayurvedic practitioners prescribed particular types of mud and fermented food that was rich in microorganisms that aided human digestion.


Ancient Ayurvedic and Yoga Gut cleansing is been a practice that has been used for centuries to remove wastes, toxins and bad bacteria from your GUT. We have partnered with to bring this ancient cleansing practice to you. Join us for our GUT CLEANSE WEEKEND to completely clean your Gut from mouth to anus. Following the cleanse, you will be thought how to reintroduce foods to grow a healthy Gut microbiome.

This practice leaves you feeling lighter, energised and glowing with good health.