Simply your self care

How to simplify your approach to self-care

We’re firm believers that less is more here at Organic Apoteke. That’s why our range of 8 multifunctional, all-natural, and effective skincare products was developed with minimalism in mind.

Minimalism is the trend of the moment. But it’s one movement that’s certain to be everyone’s go-to as time moves on, normal life resumes post-lockdown, and our disillusionment with quick fixes gains momentum.

Read on to discover how you can simplify your self-care routine to realise a minimalist approach and better results for not just your skin, but your wider body, mind, and soul.

Concentrate on your most basic needs

Self-care is exactly that, but taking care of yourself isn’t so straightforward when juggling all the joys of modern life.

Every self-care routine should first and foremost satisfy your most basic needs. Identify your individual challenges and establish a personal philosophy that keeps what your body and mind need most fully catered for, and build from there.

Whether it’s your diet, exercise routine, skincare regime, sleeping patterns, social circle, or ‘you time’ that’s suffering as a result of your lifestyle, small, simple self-care improvements will make a huge difference.

Embrace skin minimalism in all its glory

In beauty, there are no overnight cures for any skincare challenge. We need to focus on building a routine that works, ensures a healthy and balanced foundation, and nourishes and heals to uncover lifelong results.

Instead of adding to your burgeoning beauty routine, use skin minimalism to strip back product use. Choose 2 or 3 good quality, effective formulations as the basis of your simplified self-care ritual.

This targeted and intelligent selection should be guided by your unique skincare needs and challenges, with every product carefully researched and chosen.

Minimising the products your skin relies on can have great results for your complexion and wider lifestyle.

It’s also an excellent place to begin if you have an overcomplicated beauty routine that’s ruling your life and dominating your current self-care regime.

Minimise but go multifunctional

By limiting the number of products in your skincare routine, your skin doesn’t have to go without.

Our products are multifunctional, which means the powerful and effective ingredients they contain work to address several skincare concerns at any one time.

Our skincare range has been formulated to enhance your natural beauty. Our products give the microbiome all it needs to function at its best to make healthy, balanced, and beautiful skin a reality.

Multifunctional products pave the way for other self-care improvements. By choosing fewer but multipurpose products, you’ll have more time to indulge in other areas of your self-care routine and improve your wellbeing as a whole.

Discover how we make multifunctional, minimalist formulations possible by exploring the science behind our skincare solutions.

Live life a little slower

Skin minimalism and slow beauty are often mentioned in the same breath. Slow beauty principles however can be applied to every part of your life to simplify, savour and reconnect throughout your self-care regime as Byrdie reveals:

“Slow beauty is about using fewer, better products to lessen unnecessary consumption and waste.

Dive deeper into this trend and you can see that not only are slow beauty brands trying to encourage us to be more mindful about the way we shop for beauty, but they are often ritualistic products that inspire the user to take time away from the digital world and relax—to literally slow down.”

Self-care can be particularly fulfilling when combined with slow beauty, giving you the means to live more mindfully, deeply, and naturally.

Start your journey to simpler, more satisfying self-care by making the move from fast fixes to slow beauty gracefully.

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