Spring cleaning your skincare routine

As a time of renewal and reinvention, spring is the ideal opportunity to embrace something fresh and new.

Your spring cleaning mission however should extend to more than just overhauling your home…

Your skin can benefit from a spring clean too, and switching up your skincare products is the perfect place to begin.

Celebrate the new season with our top tips for spring cleaning your skincare routine.

Out with the old

I know we said that spring cleaning is more than just giving your home a quick spruce up. Spend some time clearing out your skincare collection – especially if you haven’t been using as many skincare and beauty products as usual during the lockdown periods.

When it comes to skincare, many of us don’t take product expiry dates into account. Yet keeping an eye on those numbers in that tiny, jar-shaped period-after-opening symbol is a must if you want to enjoy an effective skincare regime.

Here Green Matters explains why:

“Besides losing their efficacy, expired skincare products have also been known to cause unwelcome irritation or bacterial infections.

According to Today, certain skincare products, like eye products, can cause itching, redness, weeping, and infection if used improperly. This is also true for products that are already susceptible to bacteria growth. This bacteria can transfer to the skin, causing rashes, irritation, or allergic reactions.”

Cleanse the gentle way

You don’t need harsh cleansers to keep your complexion clean and clear. In fact, the opposite is true.

Harsh cleansers damage your skin’s microbiome and acid mantle leaving it more vulnerable to bad bacteria, irritants and toxins.

These products, especially the chemically laden ones, strip the skin of its protective layers making it susceptible to damage, inflammation, redness, and dryness.

Clear your complexion and support your skin’s natural functions by choosing a gentler way to cleanse this spring.

Our Buttermilk Cleanser is a nourishing and organic formulation that looks after the driest, most sensitive skin. It dissolves impurities, softens and smooths to nourish the skin the right way.

This cleanser gently exfoliates too, meaning you can buff away winter and get your skin glowing without removing the essentials. It’s also vegetarian, cruelty-free, and palm oil-free – so you can cleanse ethically.

Add a spot of SPF

With the weather warming and the sun’s rays getting more intense, adding SPF to your daily skincare routine becomes even more important come spring.

Whilst we’d encourage SPF usage all year round, the UVA and UVB rays are particularly damaging at this time of year.

Add an SPF to your daily moisturiser to ensure you’re protected from the sun, even when the great British weather isn’t at its best. Your skin will thank you for it!

Exposure to UVA and UVB rays affects the skin in a long list of ways. In addition to leaving you vulnerable to serious health concerns, like skin cancer, sun exposure accelerates the ageing process. This causes skin to become dehydrated, wrinkled, and saggy at a much faster rate.

Lighten up your moisturiser

Countering the side effects of wrapping up your skin over the winter months may mean moisturising more often come springtime, but that doesn’t mean you need to invest in heavier hydrating products.

Keep your moisturiser as light and breezy as the season by choosing a fluid state product just like our Active Face Hydrating Gel.

This moisture gel is oil balancing and pore refining, and it achieves all this without weighing heavy on the skin.

Its multi-action formula helps to even the complexion, protect against pollution and other external factors, heal, and rebalance the skin, and prevent breakouts.

Eager to spring clean your skincare routine? You’re in the right place! Shop our all-natural skincare solutions and discover products that will transform your complexion for the new season and beyond.