Why it really is time to say “no” to quick fixes and invasive beauty products

Invasive beauty

In a world full of instant solutions, taking the slower, gentler, and longer-term approach often falls by the wayside. Our busy lives may not leave us with a lot of time, but when it comes to some things, quick fixes just don’t cut it. Your skin is a delicate ecosystem that needs a lot of…

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The four Rs every slow beauty beginner should know

Slow beauty tips

As activists for self-care, we’re all about looking after your skin and caring for your wellbeing, the timeless way! As you may have noticed, our products don’t follow the trends or give in to the latest fads. Instead, they’re developed to aid the skin’s natural function, and with this, enhance your natural beauty. Slow beauty…

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Slow beauty – fad or forever?

Slow beauty

Like so many industries, the beauty sector is full of fads, which before you know it, you’re sucked into and mindlessly splurging on unnecessary products because of. The latest trend that’s got all the industry talking is slow beauty. It’s a mindful movement that will transform the way you choose, purchase, use and enjoy beauty…

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