Transition to slow beauty

From fast fixes to slow beauty: how to make the transition gracefully

Slowing down is one thing we could all benefit from. But as we embrace our new, post-lockdown normality, our everyday lives are about to get a whole lot busier.

Clinging onto some of the values we stuck by during our time at home however is a must, particularly when considering our beauty regimes.

The slow beauty movement gripped many of us during lockdown. But easing restrictions doesn’t mean we have to revert to the way things used to be.

For those new to slow beauty, making the transition now is made all the more difficult by our increasingly busier lifestyles.

Read our top tips for living a slow beauty lifestyle and leave your old ways behind to unveil products and practices that will benefit your skin, wider body, mind, and soul in the most positive way.

Understand the beauty of slow

Slow beauty isn’t a trend or a fad. It’s a wide-reaching movement that brings together so many principles to hone a lifestyle that is conscious, kind, and caring – not just for you but for the planet.

If you’re completely unfamiliar with slow beauty, we think Marina Jardim from Mediamatic best sums it up:

“The concept of Slow Beauty is a counter-movement against the endlessly moving world and the cosmetic industry’s invasive and immediate results. Slow Beauty encourages us to slow down, and observe our body’s needs – from sleep to nutrition to skincare.

It embraces sustainability by making conscious consumption choices, and by using ethically sourced plant-based ingredients and recyclable and reusable packaging.”

Despite its back to basics concept and overarching simplicity, slow beauty unlocks many benefits. The simpler beauty regimes it promotes, complete with fewer products and steps, are actually better for the skin, while the ethical ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and sustainable approaches slow beauty brands seem to cherish ensure the best results for you and the planet.

Reflect on previous beauty choices

Mindfulness is a huge part of slow beauty. It’s used at every stage to help you make better beauty choices, and understand the reasons behind the products you purchase and the rituals you rely on each day.

When transitioning to a slower way to beautify, be sure to do so on the right foot. Reflect on your beauty past – were your beauty choices based on budget? Or did you go for expensive quick fixes that offered only short-term satisfaction?

Once you’ve gained an understanding of your beauty journey so far, you can be mindful of your goals going forward.

Get to the root of what your skin, wider body and mind really need from your beauty routine, it’ll help you decipher the best solutions.

Seek out timeless products and enduring results

If slow beauty is about one thing in particular, it’s taking time out for yourself. This slow beauty basic will work wonders for your mental and emotional wellbeing. It will also help you make the right choices when purchasing and applying your preferred products.

Time should always be a factor when shopping slow. Take your time to seek out timeless products, avoiding trendy purchases and practices that will quickly fall out of fashion.

Choose gentler, skin-friendly solutions that promise enduring results rather than overnight miracles.

Select products with higher quality, organic, ethical ingredients, and stop expecting instant results from your beauty buys.

All good things take time, trust the ingredients to look after your skin in the best way possible, and show your commitment to self-care and self-love for the long term.

Ask yourself “why?” before you purchase

Every move you make on your slow beauty journey has to be as mindful as the last. So before you rush ahead and make those carefully curated product purchases, ask yourself “why?”.

This simple yet poignant question will help you avoid the wastefulness that’s common in so many industries, including the beauty world.

Perhaps you already have this product or a similar one at home? Or it’s a treatment meant for occasional use? Maybe the ingredients aren’t as clean as you’d like them to be?

Whatever questions crop up, answer them honestly and act accordingly.

Slow down and savour the process

Slow beauty is more than about the products you purchase and the mindful reflection you undertake every step of the way.

It’s about the long-term satisfaction and results you’ll get from your considered beauty ritual, so slow down and enjoy the process.

Life flies by pretty fast, yet by taking pleasure from the simple things – like your everyday beauty routine – you can enjoy all the perks of going slower.

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