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Why slow beauty matters now more than ever

Lockdown is one thing that showed many of us the beauty of the slow life. While keeping our distance from family and friends no doubt had its challenges, the time spent at home was a refresh for many people’s self-care routines.

With more time to spend on self-care, we made more conscious choices when it came to the beauty products we buy and with this, slow beauty was born.

As restrictions ease and our new normal becomes apparent, the slow beauty basics and benefits we’ve come to know and love shouldn’t fall by the wayside.

Here’s why slow beauty matters now more than ever!

Because buying better, less and local is the way forward

The Covid-19 pandemic has no doubt affected every part of our personal and professional levels. On a grander scale, the economy has suffered immeasurably.

Whilst larger corporations had huge profits to buffer their businesses, smaller, local companies were less fortunate and were subsequently hit the hardest by months of closure and/or reduced demand.

But with slow beauty, you have the opportunity to support home-grown brands post-lockdown.

Slow beauty principles encourage self-care enthusiasts to leave behind bigger, less conscious brands and instead turn to the higher quality products developed by local, independent businesses.

By stripping back your complex beauty routine, you can buy less but also spend the cash you save on purchasing better, more skin-friendly products.

Buying better, less and local won’t just help you support independents, your skin will thank you for it too.

Because we all deserve more self-care

Before the pandemic, so many of us were guilty of cutting corners to save time. Life fast, but by slowing down during lockdown, most have realised what really matters.

Previously, it was often self-care that suffered as a result of our busy lifestyles. Trends intelligence specialist Nia Pejsak explains why, even as we head out of lockdown, we shouldn’t let it slip again:

“Slow beauty provides at-home escapism and luxury in today’s uncertain times—the skin has become a priority for consumers who want to invest in themselves. 

Longer-term, as the learnings of the pandemic are shifting us towards an era of more conscious consumption, slow beauty offers an antidote to the fast-paced lifestyles and quick-fix options that many consumers are loathe to go back to.”

The uncertainty we face as we embrace the new normal post-lockdown is also a source of anxiety for many. In fact, 36% said they were uneasy about returning to normal life.

Taking a slower approach to beauty by choosing ethical products that you’re passionate about and applying them with care and attention aids whole-body beauty.

This includes unlocking several positives for your mental wellbeing, leaving you better prepared to cope during this period of ongoing uncertainty and transition.

Because the environment always needs a helping hand

It’s not just you that will benefit from slow beauty, the planet gets to enjoy the perks of your low-maintenance morning and nighttime beauty regime.

By slowing down and observing what your body needs, you’re less likely to make unnecessary and wasteful purchases.

Slow beauty principles also do away with the long-drawn-out beauty regimes of yesteryear. Instead, you’ll use fewer but better quality products to achieve your beauty goals.

This conscious consumerism is super sustainable. While your search for better quality products is certain to lead you straight to brands that use ethically sourced, plant-based goodness and recyclable, reusable packaging to deliver their slower, more individualised skincare solutions – just like us!

Shop our organic skincare solutions and discover slow beauty at its best.