Take the Body Type Quiz to Discover Your Body Type

And receive your personalised Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle plan

Do you know your body type?

Knowing your body type helps you get the results you want from your diet, exercise & skincare regimens.

There are many somatotype quizzes that tell you whether you’re an ectomorph, mesomorph, or endomorph. And while this is helpful to understand your physical build, it does not take your lifestyle & emotions into consideration. In Ayurvedic Medicine – the 5000 year old Indian system – there is a method used to understand your physical & emotional makeup or dosha. Take this quiz to find out your dosha and receive a personalised Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle plan.

Why you should take the Body Type Quiz?

This quiz takes approximately 2 minute to complete and the results will be immediately available. You will also be offered online support to help you maintain your diet and lifestyle goals.