Make bad skin days a thing of the past.

Packed with nutrient-rich, natural ingredients, with our Active Skincare range, you can wave goodbye to spot-prone skin and say hello to a new, fresh-faced you. Whilst your body is going through a lot of hormonal changes, you can stop bad-skin days in their tracks.

The teenage years can bring a multitude of skin issues and hormonal fluctuations can trigger oily breakouts and blackouts or patches of dry, flaky skin. These common skincare complaints not only feel uncomfortable, they can also affect our self-confidence.

Rebalance your skin and get the naturally glowing skin you deserve

There are so many products on the market it can be confusing to know which ones to use. Choose wrong, and you could make your teenage skin problems worse, particularly for sensitive skin types.

Our products are free of alcohol and artificial fragrance, as these can dry the skin out. We carefully select every ingredient and say no to any nasties. Give your skin the nourishment and support it needs and you’ll be rewarded with a clearer complexion!

All our skincare is backed by science and years of research. Dr Nitasha Buldeo founded Organic Apoteke with the ethos that natural is always best. We believe in the power of nature and minimalism. Only organic, plant-based ingredients that support the healthy function of your skin makes it into our natural skin care for teenage skin.

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Acne Prone Skincare

Which skincare is best for teenage skin?

What goes into our organic skin care products for teenage skin?

When it comes to getting healthier skin, we believe less is more. We’ve formulated skincare that can tackle a range of skin problems in one bottle. Using less products will benefit your skin for the long-term.

Cleansing and moisturising every day is all you need. The Organic Facial Cleanser followed by the Organic Face Moisturiser is the perfect way to rebalance problem skin and bring out your natural glow.

The papaya extract, neem leaf extract, lemon oil and tea tree oil all combine to rebalance the skin and support your skin’s natural healing processes.

For a further treat for your skin, our Detox Face Mask is the gentle way to remove impurities and prevent blackheads and acne breakouts. Massage, let your skin absorb the nutrients for 20 minutes, rinse and feel revived.

With more fluid hydration in hot weather and richer oil infusion in the colder months, our Fluid State Formula means your skin can look and feel great all year round.

What Our Customers Say

SMELLS SO GOOD – makes my skin GLOW after 3 days

Not only does this look luxury, it feels luxurious on your face. It smells so good too❣️After the third day, a friend from school told me that my skin was glowing. I was really shocked that it worked so FAST. I could tell that my skin looked more beautiful but when someone else says it then it truly speaks about the brand and the product.

It’s a deep purifying cleanser which is gentle on the skin. It contains extracts of Papaya and Pineapple (no wonder it smells so good????) Thus making your skin brighter and clearer.


Diandra achieved amazing results in 8 weeks!

Treating Teenage Skin

Teenage skin complaints are common – you are certainly not alone. It’s easy to feel disheartened by the changes to your skin, especially when they affect your self-confidence. However, Organic Apoteke’s skincare range is designed to rebalance and clear your skin the natural way. Every bottle is full of potent ingredients that are also gentle and kind to the skin.

Did we mention that all our products are also organic-certified and cruelty-free?

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  • Certified Organic
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  • Plant-Based

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