Alcohol Free Skincare & Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

It is best to avoid beauty products formulated with high concentrations of alcohol as alcohol can cause many adverse effects and sensitivities.

Look at your product ingredient list for for the following labels – Alcohol denat, Organic Alcohol, or any grain alcohol. All of these contain ethanol.  Ethanol is a colourless, volatile liquid that is found in all alcoholic beverages.

Ethanol used in skin and hair care products has the following effects :

it’s drying or dehydrating,

acts as a solvent that enables otherwise inactive substances to cross the skin/blood barrier and enter the body.

can weaken your skin’s barrier function resulting in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

impacst negatively on skins renewal process – speeding up ageing of skin.

Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), is a complex chronic health condition. This condition has many different symptoms – from itching, or a rash to difficulty breathing.  The person with this condition will experience symptoms when exposed to certain common ingredients – perfume, alcohol, food or environmental contaminants.

A scientific review of this condition in 2018 – concluded that ingredients that cause this condition create abnormalities in sensory processing pathways and the limbic system of the brain. 

Commonly attributed substances for MCS symptoms include alcohol, perfume and scented products, pesticides, plastics, synthetic fabrics, smoke, petroleum products, and paint fumes.[

Other MCS symptoms are typically vague.  They may include fatigue, headaches, nausea, and dizziness.

For all of the above reasons – All Organic Apoteke products are Alcohol Free.