Amino Acids
Amino acids are “the building blocks” that make up proteins. Proteins are necessary to every living cell and are involved in every major process in the body hence amino acids are essential to health. Of the roughly 28 known amino acids, 80 percent are manufactured by the body. The others, known as essential amino acids, must be obtained from the diet. Amino acids support proteins in the skin (collagen, elastin, etc.) and, used in certain combinations, help regulate oil production in the skin and scalp. Our amino acids are sourced organic botanicals. Useful in natural skin care as an acne treatment and for supporting collagen production in antiaging skin care.

Ananas sativus extract – Pineapple extract
Function: A mild exfoliant with anti-inflammatory properties. Useful in natural skin care as an acne treatment.

Antioxidants – from various fruit and vegetable sources
Function: Combat free radical damage and promote healthy cells. Useful in anti aging skin care.

Arginine – from wheat germ
Function: Amino acid that support healthy, balanced sebum(oil) production in the skin. Useful in natural skin care as an acne treatment and balancing oily skin.

Argireline – Synthetic peptide
Relaxes facial tension to reduce the appearance of superficial facial lines and wrinkles with regular use. We never use Argireline in any of our products.

Prescription injectable cosmetic used to relax the facial muscles to temporarily smooth the appearance the skin. Made from botulinum toxin. We never use this or any similar ingredients in our products.

Butyrospermum parkii butter – Shea butter
Function: Moisture-rich butter which is used as an emulsifier. A superb emollient, high in fatty acids and other nutrients. Sources from shea nuts. Helpful as a moisturizer in anti wrinkle creams.

Carica papaya extract – Papaya extract
Function: An excellent skin softener, its enzymatic action is gently exfoliating. Useful in natural skin care as an acne treatment.

Centella asiatica extract – Gotu Kola extract
Function: Ayurvedic herb used for its healing properties. Helpful in natural skin care for antiaging products.

Cera alba – Beeswax
Function: A natural emulsifier and thickener that is protective, soothing and healing to the skin.

Citrus aurantium bergamia oil – Bergamot oil
Function: A good tonic for irritated acne-prone skin. Useful in natural skin care as an acne treatment.

Citrus aurantium dulcis oil – Sicilian orange oil
Function: An anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal used for its refreshing properties and pleasant scent. Contains flavonoids and vitamins A, B, C and E.

Citrus medic limonum oil – Lemon oil
Function: Has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. A skin freshener and sebum balancing agent. Useful in natural skin care as an acne treatment and to balance oily skin.

Citrus nobilis oil – Mandarin oil
Function: Natural anti-inflammatory known to improve skin and scalp circulation. Has a lightening effect on the skin, helping fade freckles and other discolorations.

Citrus paradisi seed extract -Grapefruit seed extract
Function: Has anti fungal, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Combined with antioxidant vitamins and Potassium sorbate it makes an effective plant-based preservative giving our products a shelf life of 2 years unopened.

Cocos nucifera oil – Coconut oil
Function: An emollient, protective to the skin, and rich in fatty acids.

Cymbopogon martinii oil – Palma Rosa oil
Function: A hydrating tonic.

Daucus carota oil – Carrot seed oil
Function: Rich in vitamin A, natural retinol for skin repair. The seeds of carrots yield an essential oil that is rich in beta carotene. Also high in vitamin E, which is essential to skin cell regeneration and stimulates sebum production in dry, scaly scalps and skin. Helpful in natural skin care for rejuvenating and antiaging products.

DEA – diethanolamine (derivitives include: oleamide DEA, lauramide DEA, cocamide DEA)
Used as emulsifier and foaming agent in personal care and cosmetic products. It has been linked to cancer and organ toxicity. Organic Apoteke never uses DEA or any of its derivitives.

Dead Sea mud
Loaded with 26 minerals essential to skin – function providing mineral rich hydration and increasing oxygen flow to the skin while extracting impurities and getting rid of pimples fast, making it useful in natural skin care as an acne treatment.

Echinacea angustifolia extract – Coneflower
Function: Stimulates cellular regeneration & regulates inflammation. A number of studies have pointed to its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Its root extract is used in cell therapy and anti wrinkle creams for its hydrating and firming properties.

Euphrasia officinalis extract – Eyebright extract
Function: Used for eye contour tissue to reduce irritation, inflammation and under-eye puffiness.

Mostly synthetic and often sourced from petrochemicals. The term “Fragrance” covers and wide and largely unknown group of ingredients, which have not necessarily been tested for safety. We never use fragrance or parfum in any of our products.

Glycerin (vegetable) – from Vegetable oils
Function: Rich humectant, emollient and lubricant naturally extracted from vegetable oils, used in cosmetic formulations for thousands of years.

Glycine soja oil – Soy oil
Function: Good emollient, high in linoleic, oleic, palmitic and linolenic acids (essential fatty acids necessary for healthy skin). Reduces skin’s dryness during menopause. Helpful in natural skin care for anti wrinkle creams.

Hamamelis virginiana water – Witch hazel
Function: A natural astringent and tonic. An anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory. Useful in natural skin care as an acne treatment.

Helianthus annuus seed oil – Sunflower oil
Function: A rich, yet light emollient high in linoleic and oleic essential fatty acids. A good base for massage oils and lotions.

Function: A natural humectant (holds moisture) that is antibacterial, nourishing and soothing to the skin. Helpful in anti aging skin care.

Luxurethic (trade mark) Cosmeceuticals
A new approach to skin care that places equal emphasis on efficacy, luxury and ethics. While luxurious ingredients take advanced formulations to new levels. Our production focuses on sustainable ecological, agricultural and economic practices.

Synthetic peptide complex. We do not use Matrixyl in any of our products.

Melaleuca alternifolia oil – Tea Tree oil
Function: Essential oil with powerful antiseptic and germicidal properties. Useful in natural skin care as an acne treatment.

Melia azadirachta leaf extract – Neem leaf extract
Function: Anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and protective. Useful in natural skin care as an acne treatment.

Multiple micro-emulsion
The key to our nutrient delivery system is the multiple micro-emulsion. At the center of this small droplet is an active ingredient such as our Natural Peptide Complex, this active is then wrapped in eight sequential layers of certified organic botanical oils and floral waters. We are able to add nutrients to all of these layers for targeted delivery within the skin. Essential for delivering results in acne treatments and anti aging products.

Natural Peptide Complex (INCI Palmitoyl oligopeptide)
Sourced from organic botanicals. These are Sulfur-rich amino acid combinations that are essential to protein metabolism. These complexes are very nourishing to the hair and skin. The combinations are designed to promote the regeneration of new skin cells, to help rebuild collagen and elastin to increase firmness, lift and give you younger looking skin. Essential ingredients in anti aging products especialy anti wrinkle creams.

Nutrient Delivery System
A revolutionary breakthrough in formulation-science makes it possible for Organic Apoteke to deliver nutrients to the dermal layer of the skin, strengthening collagen and balancing sebum production – all without the use of synthetic ingredients. Essential for delivering results in acne treatments and anti aging products.

Parabens (Includes Methylparaben, Propylparaben, IIsoparaben, Butylparaben)
Widely used group of synthetic preservatives linked to cancer and shown to be estrogenic. Parabens have not been proven to be safe used over the long term. We never use parabens in our products.

PEGS – polyethylene glycol (PEG is usually followed by a number)
Used in cosmetics as binders, emulsion stabilizers, humectants, solvents and viscosity increasing agents. PEGS are petrochemicals.

Used in cosmetics in the form of mineral oils, perfumes (fragrance) preservative and synthetic colours. Petrochemicals are synthetic ingredients derived from hydrocarbons, most commonly petroleum but also, crude oil, gas, coal. A few common petrochemicals are: ethylene, propylene, benzene, toluene, methylbenzene, xylenes. Our products never contain petrochemicals.

Potassium cocoate – from Coconut oil
Function: A gentle cleanser.

Potassium oleate – from Sunflower
Function: A gentle cleanser.

Potassium sorbate – from Bananas
Function: A natural food-grade preservative, inhibits mold and yeast.

Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil – Almond oil
Function: Excellent emollient high in oleic, linoleic and other fatty acids, ideal for very dry skin – soothing and moisturizing. Helpful in anti aging skin care.

Dibutylphthalate and diethylphthalate (DBP, DEP, also butyl ester) A synthetic chemical ingredient used in skin care to help the skin absorb lotions. The EPA has classified pthalates as a “probable human carcinogen”, it is also an allergen. We never use phalates in our products.

Rosa canina fruit oil – Rose hip oil
Function: Rich in vitamin C, a regenerative antioxidant. Helpful in anti aging skin care.

Rosa centifolia water – Rose water (from Cabbage roses)
Soothing, cooling and hydrating, especially beneficial for dry, sensitive skin. Has a more citrus-like scent that Damask rose water. Helpful in anti aging skin care.

Rosa damascena distillate – Rose water (from Damask roses)
Function: A by-product of the distillation of fresh rose petals, this floral water is a natural hydrator and anti-irritant. Soothing, cooling and hydrating, especially beneficial for dry, sensitive skin. Helpful in anti aging skin care.

Rosa damascena oil – Rose oil (Damask)
Function: Essential oil obtained by steam distillation. Used for its skin softening, soothing and hydrating properties. Also has a wonderful aroma. Helpful in anti aging skin care.

Rosmarinus officinalis extract – Rosemary extract
Function: A purifying and toning anti-oxidant. Helpful in anti aging skin care.

Sodium Benzoate
Natural preservative. Organic Apoteke sources this mineral from organic plums. All of our products are preserved with Sodium Benzoate

Sodium chloride – Sea Salt
Mineral-rich salt naturally obtained from sea water. Used in bath soaks and body scrubs for its softening effect on the skin. It is an ionic stabilizer and pH balance.

Sodium Dehydroacetate
Function: Natural preservative. Organic Apoteke sources sodium dehydroacetate from organic fruit vinegars using a pure and simple evaporation process.

Sorbic Acid (and Citric acid) – Vitamin C from Citrus fruit
Function: A powerful antioxidant that promotes collagen production.

Sulfates such as Sodium Laurel Sulfate
Ingredient used in soaps as a surfactant (something which mixes oil and water). It is made by combining lauryl alcohol with sulfuric acid to produce hydrogen lauryl sulfate and sodium carbonate. Lauryl alcohol is usually derived from either coconut or palm kernel oil. We never use Sodium Laurel Sulfate in our products as it is harsh and drying to to the skin.

Symphytum officinale leaf extract – Comfrey extract
Function: A healing agent and soothing moisturizer. Anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant. It promotes skin cell regeneration. Helps to get rid of pimples fast, making it useful in natural skin care as an acne treatment.

Triticum vulgare germ oil – Wheat germ oil
Function: An anti-inflammatory and skin nourisher that also acts as a natural preservative because of its high vitamin E content. A source of vitamin E (antioxidant). Useful in anti aging skin care.

Vaccinium myrtillus extract – Bilberry extract
Function: Astringent and tonic shown to increase capillary strength. Helps with dark circles.

White clay
Function: a fine clay that clarifies and draws out impurities.

Xanthan gum – from Cabbages
Function: Used as a natural stabilizer, thickener and emulsifier.