Why Organic Apoteke believes in skin minimalism – and always will do!

Skin minimalism beliefs

Skin minimalism may be the trend of the moment, but it’s been on our agenda since we opened our doors. Taking the less is more approach and favouring fewer ingredients delivered via natural, multifunctional products, unlocks many benefits. This is particularly true in the long term, where fast fixes with invasive, chemically-laden formulations fall flat….

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Conscious Consumerism and Conscious Christmas – Our Only Way Forward.

Organic Apoteke Conscious Christmas

Christmas & Consumerism The average household in the UK, spends about £719 on Christmas. This amount is made up of decorations, many un-eaten treats and unwanted gifts. And to make matters worse, much of this Christmas spend has an adverse effect on our landfills. This excessive waste is coupled with statistics that show that 41% of people…

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Organic Apoteke Ingredients are being harvested

What is Ayurveda?

Autumn is an exciting time for Organic Apoteke as many of our organic ingredients are being harvested. Unfortunately this year our UK and USA teams are unable to travel to help with the harvest. But here are some of the rice fields from where we extract our rice bran oil.

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Lake Fundudzi – Does Nature Needs a Mouthpiece?

Lake Fundudzi

A Secret, Sacred Lake In the heartland of South Africa, remotely located in the Venda region of the Limpopo province lies the Soutspansberg Mountains and deep in their foothills lies the sacred Lake Fundudzi. It is one of the few inland lakes in South Africa. Estimated to be at least 10,000 years old, Lake Fundudzi…

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Dakota Access Pipeline – Is the Battle Lost?

Defend the Sacred

Public Outcry The Dakota Access Pipeline was the protest that made headlines around the world In solidarity, Sioux tribal members gathered in North Dakota to protest alongside other tribal supporters. In fact over 1 million supporters joined this protest The protest made headlines around the world in 2016, the Sioux and their allies tried to stop…

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Chipko Movement – The Women Who Hug Trees

Organic Apoteke supports the Chipko Movement

Humble Origins In 1973 a group of Himalayan villagers spontaneously hugged trees to save them, by putting their bodies in the way of the axes. This practice quickly spread to neighbouring villages and within 5 years this became a national movement in India. The movement became known as Chipko Andolan, taking its name from the…

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