Younger, healthier-looking eyes start with the right skin care.

Let your skin absorb the natural goodness of plant-based nutrients and antioxidants. With a light, smooth texture our eye cream absorbs quickly to create a lasting fresh-faced feeling. Natural and organic-certified, you can be confident you’re using the finest, healthiest ingredients for your skin.

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What causes dark eye circles?

Aside from a lack of sleep, dark circles can appear as a result of genetics and ageing. It’s caused by a thinning of the skin which reveals the blood vessels more prominently. Puffier skin can also give the appearance of dark shadows beneath your eyes.

It’s a natural process. But you can do something about it. With the right skin care routine, you could even see instant results.

Woman with dark circles

How to treat dark under eye circles

Our natural eye care products help with all your eye area skin concerns. As a 3-in-1 rejuvenating cream, our Organic Eye Cream actively targets under-eye circles, puffiness and fine lines and wrinkles with clinically-proven ingredients.

Formulated with pentapeptides and eyebright and bilberry extracts, these strengthen and smoothen the skin and capillaries around your eyes. Eyebright also offers anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce puffiness or other visible signs of irritated eyes. Crafted with naturally soothing and hydrating ingredients, the formula also works for sensitive skin types.

Brighten tired eyes the natural way! Shop natural skin care for dark under eye circles online at Organic Apoteke.

What Our Customers Say

My dark circles and puffiness have hugely improved using this. I love that this is an ethical & organic company too.

Best eye gel-cream ever. Its colour and texture is very different from anything I have used before. But don’t let that put you off. Its worked wonders around my eyes. Helped dark circles and the lines around my eyes. and this product is the perfect base for eye-makeup. it helps eye makeup stay on longer.

This is simply the best eye product that I have tried. The blueness around my eyes Is Gone. The skin looks hydrated and firmer. I have also been using your Serum and that’s amazing too. Chuffed that I discovered this brand. Fan for life

Adaline got a brighter under-eye complexion within days!

We love to hear how our products have positively helped our customers with their skin problems. Adaline reported a brighter under-eye complexion within days of using our Organic Eye Cream – even after only getting 40 minutes sleep a night!

“I LOOK GREAT” even with little sleep …WOW

You guys have an incredible product! I’ve just given birth about 2 months ago and sadly haven’t gotten much sleep… When OA arrived I started on it right away and within days I’ve gotten comments about how great I look and how my complexion looks great.

Everyone thought I must be getting more sleep. Sadly, I’m still just getting the 40 minutes each night haha anyway, I just wanted to share how much I love your product. The active line smoothed out my skin and helped me with my adult acne and now the rejuvenating line is helping me look like I’m not constantly sleep deprived. Thank you!!!!”

Adaline – Rejuvenating Eye Cream Customer

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