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Your Rasayana Serum is my all time favourite product ever in the history of skin care.

It is hands down my desert island pick.

ES / Denmark

For me this is a miracle

Because this product absorbs into the skin rather rather than staying on the surface, it has been a miracle. I had skin cancer on one of my eyelids and therefore have very few mucus glands to lubricate my eye. Any treatment I would use on my face would eventually make it’s way into my eye and burn because it sat on top of my skin. This product immediately sinks in and I have not any issues. I’ve used this product for two weeks and the fine lines on my face have lessened slightly already.

Suzi / USA

It’s really worth every penny!!! I’ve used so many serums and nothing really seems to work. I only use this in the morning and I can see immediate results. Sometimes I really just do one pump because a little of this product really goes a long way. I get compliments on my skin all the time now on how it glows! It feels great on my skin and smells like roses. What more can I ask for in a serum!


I know this products since 10 years. I am very happy, that I can buy it again after the relaunch. After one week I could see the results of this great face cream, I am using the rejuvenate face cream daily. The skin feels so soft an wrinkles become softer. Most important for me ist: cruelty free and very good results on my skin! I am a customer from Germany and I found Organic Apotheke during a vacation stay in New York at Macys.
I can recomend it to you- just try and see the difference!

Beate Kreutterer / Denmark

So easy to use. Just slap it on after a shave and it does it’s thing. I no longer use aftershave but this gel. My skin looks better, no spots and no razor burn.

Peter Ainsworth / UK

My dark circles were due to allergies and because I am so allergic there was no product I could use to correct these dark circles. A friend gave me this eye cream for Christmas and convinced me to give it a try. Wow, what an improvement and no sensitivity or tears eyes. Wish this app would allow me to upload a picture so you can see the difference. So excited and grateful to Sarah

Donna Harrison / UK

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