Make Open Pores Less Visible

Lot's of information online suggests that you can't fix open pores, but with the right ingredients, you can make them less visible!

There are two types of pores on the face: sebum-producing and sweat-producing. Sweat and sebum production is a natural process that protects your skin, however too much sebum can result in open pores. Often triggered by hormonal fluctuations, once the pores are open, external pollutants can get trapped and result in blackheads. If you have naturally oilier skin, this can also affect your pores.

As we age, skin loses its natural elasticity which can also make pores appear larger. Too much exposure to the sun can also exacerbate the problem – which is why daily SPF application is recommended for your face.

The culprit could also be your makeup. We’re not saying don’t wear any – just make sure you’re choosing the right formulas. Look out for light, noncomedogenic primers and foundation as this ensures you can mask your pores without clogging them up.

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Treat Open Pores

Harsh cleansers can aggravate enlarged pores. That’s why we take a gentle approach. All of our products are certified organic and formulated with natural ingredients. Our skin care is noncomedogenic and 100% free of alcohol and artificial fragrance. Make natural, minimal skin care your go-to skin-saviour today!

Formulated by Organic Apoteke founder, Dr Nitasha Buldeo, our skin care is backed by a lifetime’s research into how natural ingredients can help protect and restore the skin.

Our Detox Face Mask draws out excess oil, helping to unclog pores. Arginine and sea salt rebalances the skin and helps to close the pores. Meanwhile, the dead sea mud contains minerals that help to rebuild and re-tone the small muscles in your pores. These all help to make pores less visible. Use once a week and see the benefits!

Want to make your pores less visible with minimal effort? Shop Natural Products for Open Pores online at Organic Apoteke today.

What Our Customers Say

???? OMG why didn’t someone tell me about this sooner !!!

I love it , made a complete difference to my skin tone, pores and even complexion

High five ???????? Organic Apoteke

Best mask ever. Im in my 40’s and still have acne, spot prone skin. Have been using this 3 months now and my skin is the clearest eva. So grateful to have discovered this amazing brand. Such a helpful team too. Customer service 10 stars

This mask is a miracle. My skin just glows after using it

Mimi Cleared up Her Oily Skin – a Common Culprit For Open Pores – in Just Two Weeks!

This is the best mask I have used for oily skin. I am a huge fan of masks, they help clean my oily skin. I always believed drying clay masks were the best because skin felt dryer after using it. But then a day or two later my skin was back to oily. This mask feels so light, I didn’t believe it would work. But after using for 2 weeks my skin just stopped getting oily. It feels smooth and silky. I have never used a moisturiser and still don’t need one. This mask is my favourite product. ????

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