Nourish Your Skin The Yogic Way – Svadyaya & Pranidhana

Svadyaya – Self-Study

Svadyaya means ‘self-study’. It is the fourth Niyama and has the potential to deepen our yoga practice.  While there are thousands of Yoga texts that are available for us to study, Svadyaya does not ask you to study all of them. Self study does not mean sitting down with a huge copy of The Upanishads or chanting The Vedas.  It may suggest finding a book or a piece of writing that inspires you and enables you to deepen your own yoga practice.

But what svadyaya really means is deepening your self knowledge – understanding your body, mind and emotions. And from this understanding svadyya enables you to give your body what it needs to thrive. This is the Organic Apoteke philosophy – our products are designed to give your skin what it needs, to nourish you and allow you to thrive.

Pranidhana – Surrender to Your Truth

Pranidhana means ‘surrender’ to your higher self and to know that this higher self is connected with all of nature. In essence Pranidhana means cultivating a deep and trusting relationship with the universe. And making each action you perform an offering to the universe at large. Live your yoga, ensure that every product you use honours life.