Skin minimalism beliefs

Why Organic Apoteke believes in skin minimalism – and always will do!

Skin minimalism may be the trend of the moment, but it’s been on our agenda since we opened our doors.

Taking the less is more approach and favouring fewer ingredients delivered via natural, multifunctional products, unlocks many benefits.

This is particularly true in the long term, where fast fixes with invasive, chemically-laden formulations fall flat.

With this in mind, skin minimalism, and multifunction sit at the very heart of our organic skincare range.

In this post, we delve deeper into the whys and hows of our long-running obsession with effective, all-natural, minimalist skincare.

Our minimalist promise

At Organic Apoteke, we’re minimalist by nature. We only use what your skin needs in our formulations to ensure the most organic, skin-friendly results.

Our products embrace the principles of both slow beauty and skin minimalism to provide simpler solutions that you and your skin will adore.

With consumers now pushing for skincare and beauty products that don’t have a list of ingredients as long as their arm, our pared-back formulas are making a bigger impact than ever before, especially after the impact lockdown has had on our way of life.

Alexia Inge, co-founder of Cult Beauty, explains more about how the pandemic has altered the wider beauty industry for good:

“The pandemic and what we are living through will impact consumption and consumer behaviours for the next five years at least.

It has pumped rocket fuel into trends that were quietly bubbling up – think: minimalism and conspicuous consumption over the last year.

We have disconnected from our ‘hamster wheels’ and reconnected to our homes, family units and neighbours.

We are reconnecting to the digital, work and commercial world with intention, awareness and a little bit of trepidation.”

Full transparency guaranteed

All our products present short lists of natural ingredients that our customers can understand and appreciate.

The main benefits of each key ingredient are also broken down for you on our product pages to ensure you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin.

We strongly believe that this access to information about formulations, their ingredients and where they are sourced is vital. It’s a premise that’s pushed the slow beauty and skin minimalism movements forward in the right direction.

Our small but perfectly formulated range

In comparison to many brands within the skincare and beauty markets, our product range is on the small side. But with small wonders come great results.

Our range of 8 multifunctional products offers the pick of the best, and you can use these to create the simple 2- and 3-step skincare rituals that skin minimalism is all about.

Instead of choosing lots of products to solve your skin concerns, you can use a few wonderful, thoughtfully crafted solutions to define a simpler approach to self-care. This doesn’t mean your skin has to go without either.

Our products are all multifunctional, serving you and your skin on various levels to ensure great results that you can see and feel in both the short and long term.

Explore our minimalist, organic skincare range for yourself and discover the beauty of simplification in your own regime.

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