Arginine: the secret to a youthful complexion

Youthful complexion

As an ingredient, arginine has a long, almost never-ending list of benefits. It boosts circulation, promotes healing and balances oiliness, and on top of that is even considered the ‘magic bullet’ for anti-ageing when taken as a supplement. Arginine, or L-arginine as it’s often referred to, is naturally present in many of the foods we…

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The many amazing benefits of eyebright

Benefits of eyebright

Eyebright is a small, unassuming, white-flowered plant that can make a huge difference to skin health. Officially known as ‘Euphrasia’, this semi-parasitic plant has been linked to several health benefits that leave you looking great on the outside and feeling pretty fabulous on the inside too. Eyebright has been harvested and used in herbal medicine…

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Has the secret to better skin been hiding in your kitchen all along?

Honey skin benefits

Here at Organic Apoteke, we are firm believers in feeding your skin for better health. This is why we use modern science and ancient wisdom to bring the best and purest food to your skin through simple, natural, organic products. We’ve cooked up effective, all-natural remedies for every skin concern, and used food as medicine…

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Why everyone should have a bamboo face cloth in their life

Face cloth benefits

Effective, all-natural, multifunctional skincare may be our bread and butter, but the accessories and tools you use to apply your carefully chosen products to your skin every day really do matter. This is exactly why we’re recently added an exciting new product to our range. Here we introduce our new Biodegradable Bamboo Reusable Face Cloths…

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The importance of a good skincare routine

Skincare routine

The power of self-care is undeniable. With a consistent, naturally focused self-care routine, you have all the tools you need to shape a healthy body and nurture your mental and emotional health. Skincare is a vital part of the bigger self-care picture, but before you rush out to stock up on tons of skincare products,…

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Why simple, natural, organic products are the only thing your skin needs

fermented skincare ingredients

As you may have noticed, we’re truly passionate about taking a minimalist approach to skincare. Skin minimalism is in fact at the heart of everything we do and every skincare solution we so carefully craft, and the benefits of this are showing across our customers’ complexions. Keeping things simple and only using what your skin…

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