Vegan Lentil & Vegetable Potjie (Stew) Recipe


Organic Apoteke is committed to an environmentally conscious and sustainable lifestyle. Eating Vegan is one way to achieve this. Potjie is a traditional South African 1 pot meal. Fresh ingredients – herbs, spices, lentils, vegetable and fruit are left to simmer together into a hearty thick stew. An ideal family dinner or a simple crowd…

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Seasonal skin – how our skin reacts to the climate

Seasonal Skin

From hot humid summers to icy cold winters, our skin has to put up with a lot as far as the climate is concerned. Skin will react to different weather conditions and environmental factors. Sudden changes of temperature, whether that be hot or cold, or environmental changes such as going from dry to humid, our…

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Autumn skin care – How to look after your skin as the weather turns cooler

Autumn Girl

Autumn is now in full flow, the days are starting to feel cooler and the weather has turned more autumnal, although the thought of pumpkin spice everything, cosy jumpers, and bonfires night may feel you with excitement, autumn is less than good news for your skin. These seasonal changes can have a huge affect on…

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