Neem – is this the wonder ingredient your winter skincare routine needs?

Skincare ingredients

Here at Organic Apoteke, we use a range of pure, all-natural and effective ingredients as the basis of our skincare solutions. With the aim to nourish, protect and heal, our use of herbs and minerals, modern science and ancient wisdom is the key to the success of our emulsifier-free, fluid state formulations, and neem is…

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Why you should go multifunctional with your skincare choices

Skin products

Skin minimalism is dominating the beauty market, and for good reason. This pared-back way of beautifying our skin is working wonders, and not just for our complexions. With fewer products to apply, we’ve got more time on our hands to live our lives the way we want to! As the name suggests, skin minimalism is…

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You sense more through your skin than your eyes, nose or ears

As well as your skin being your largest organ, it’s also your biggest asset. The skin plays a vital role in how we sense, respond to and survive the environments we encounter day in, day out. This primary function means it’s the biggest organ of perception your body has. As the title above suggests, your…

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Keep skin healthy with these three simple steps

Skin care tips

As the human body’s largest organ, your skin needs a little tender loving care to stay in tip-top condition. Skin does so much more than make us look presentable. It’s a waterproof, insulating barrier that keeps the good stuff in and damaging sunlight, harmful chemicals, and troublesome bacteria out. At Organic Apoteke, we understand the…

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