What is my Body Type?

What is my body type? Women's Body Type - women with different bod y types

Understanding your body type helps you increase your energy plus achieve diet & skin results faster. Have you followed the same diet & workout plan as your friend, maybe even more strictly, but ended up with less dramatic results? The reason is that you probably have a body-type not suitable to that diet plan. What is…

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Eczema: How to soothe dry, inflamed skin?

Eczema - how to soothe dry inflamed skin.

Can you treat eczema and soothe  dry, inflamed skin? If you have eczema, a good skin day can be difficult to come by. If the condition affects your face or areas that are often visible, you could also struggle with self-esteem issues. You may have tried a few skin products but not reached the results…

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How the simplest of skincare regimes can change your life

Simple skincare solutions

A good, consistent skincare routine doesn’t just unlock excellent results for your skin. We’re firm believers that even the simplest of skincare regimes can change your entire life in the most wonderful way. With our range of simple, multifunctional skincare solutions, we know more than most the impact great skincare can have on our lives….

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Is stress affecting your skin?

Stress impacting skin

Whilst each and every one of us has been busily embracing the perks of our newfound freedom this summer, one thing’s for certain the Covid-19 pandemic is far from over, and neither is its impact on our emotional and mental wellbeing. The pandemic saw worsening levels of mental health throughout the country and across the…

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How to ease the effects of stress on your skin

Glowing Skin

Stress affects the skin in so many ways, and my, are most of us feeling them! Even as we leave the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic behind, negotiating our new normal is far from the stress-free experience we hoped it would be. Continued uncertainty and the prospect of changing restrictions are seeing stress levels climb…

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