Detox Squash soup with cinnamon, cumin and topped with crunchy cashews.

This vegan, plant based butternut squash soup is warming, rich in beta carotene & other nutrients – plus its delicious too. Spiced with cinnamon & cumin – it helps improve digestion and is soothing to the GUT. Vegan & Plant Based PLANT BASED BUTTERNUT SQUASE SOUP RECIPE  (2 servings) INGREDIENTS 1 large butternut squash 5…

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Detox Stir Fry

Stir-frying was first developed in China as a cooking method that was cheap & efficient. And this Detox Vegan Stir fry is a fresh take on the traditional stir fry that is both healthy & nutritious. The vegetable used in this stir fry encourages your body to naturally detox. INGREDIENTS FOR DETOX VEGAN STIRFRY 6…

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Plant based Bircher Muesli with Raspberry, Apple, Oats & Plant Based Milk

This is a plant based vegan bircher muesli. It has the same benefits as regular bircher muesli but is better for the environment and to your gut. INGREDIENTS (2 servings – prepare the night before) 100g organic whole oats 50g chopped almonds, hazelnuts or Brazil nuts (optional) 40g goji berries or raisins 1 apple, grated…

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January Detox

January Detox - fruit & veg for detox

It’s that time of year again when we focus on all thing’s health-related. Detox, diets & fitness the trends for this month. This can make the latest fashionable fads seem especially alluring. But do keep in mind that quick fixes simply don’t work. Where your health is concerned – the long-term view is the preferred…

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What is my Body Type?

What is my body type? Women's Body Type - women with different bod y types

Understanding your body type helps you increase your energy plus achieve diet & skin results faster. Have you followed the same diet & workout plan as your friend, maybe even more strictly, but ended up with less dramatic results? The reason is that you probably have a body-type not suitable to that diet plan. What is…

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Planning a New Year detox? Here’s why your daily brew is the key to success

The New Year is the perfect time to hit the reset button. Getting in shape and improving our diets still chart as the top New Year’s resolutions for us Brits.   And there’s no better way to achieve these health and fitness goals than by indulging in a well-timed detox. You don’t need to sign…

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