Detox Squash soup with cinnamon, cumin and topped with crunchy cashews.

This vegan, plant based butternut squash soup is warming, rich in beta carotene & other nutrients – plus its delicious too. Spiced with cinnamon & cumin – it helps improve digestion and is soothing to the GUT. Vegan & Plant Based PLANT BASED BUTTERNUT SQUASE SOUP RECIPE  (2 servings) INGREDIENTS 1 large butternut squash 5…

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Detox Stir Fry

Stir-frying was first developed in China as a cooking method that was cheap & efficient. And this Detox Vegan Stir fry is a fresh take on the traditional stir fry that is both healthy & nutritious. The vegetable used in this stir fry encourages your body to naturally detox. INGREDIENTS FOR DETOX VEGAN STIRFRY 6…

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Plant based Bircher Muesli with Raspberry, Apple, Oats & Plant Based Milk

This is a plant based vegan bircher muesli. It has the same benefits as regular bircher muesli but is better for the environment and to your gut. INGREDIENTS (2 servings – prepare the night before) 100g organic whole oats 50g chopped almonds, hazelnuts or Brazil nuts (optional) 40g goji berries or raisins 1 apple, grated…

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Everything You Need to Know About Collagen

Collagen before & after Organic Apoteke

cWe share everything that you need to know about collagen. We hope this helps you make better decisions to improve your skins collagen. What is collagen? Collagen is the most abundant  protein in your body. It is composed of 19 amino acids. Please find the list below. Collagen is also very different from other proteins…

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Vegan Whipped Cream Recipe

Coconut Whipped Cream

Vegan Whipped Cream Coconut whipped cream anyone? Coconut whipped cream the perfect dairy-free, vegan-friendly alternative to dairy cream.  It can be served as a topping to your pudding or used to make a number of tarts and desserts. How is coconut whipped cream made? Coconut whipped cream is made by: Selecting a good quality brand…

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Organic Apoteke Ingredients are being harvested

What is Ayurveda?

Autumn is an exciting time for Organic Apoteke as many of our organic ingredients are being harvested. Unfortunately this year our UK and USA teams are unable to travel to help with the harvest. But here are some of the rice fields from where we extract our rice bran oil.

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