Slow beauty vs. skin minimalism – what’s the difference?

Slow beauty vs skin minimalism

Lockdown life saw many of us go back to basics with most areas of our lives, including our skincare routines, and it has worked wonders on our complexions. Now the beauty industry has terms for these simplified approaches to self-care – namely ‘slow beauty’ and ‘skin minimalism’, but what’s the difference? Here we delve deeper…

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Slow beauty 101: Your guide to shopping slow

Choosing skin care products

Slow beauty is the skincare revolution that is on everyone’s lips, but unlike many beauty industry fads, it’s here to stay! Slow beauty inspires us to enjoy a calmer way of life by simplifying our beauty rituals and embracing fewer but better products instead. When it comes to slow beauty, less certainly is more, and…

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The skin-friendly slow beauty benefits you’ll love

Slow beauty skin benefits

Slow beauty is more than just being more mindful about the products you purchase and how you apply them. Holistically, slow beauty principles can influence every part of your day to ensure a healthier, happier, and more conscious lifestyle as Be for Innovation explains: “For some slow beauty is thinking about beauty is a much…

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From fast fixes to slow beauty: how to make the transition gracefully

Transition to slow beauty

Slowing down is one thing we could all benefit from. But as we embrace our new, post-lockdown normality, our everyday lives are about to get a whole lot busier. Clinging onto some of the values we stuck by during our time at home however is a must, particularly when considering our beauty regimes. The slow…

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