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The bigger picture of slow beauty

Slow beauty is a phenomenon that has swept the industry in recent months. With individuals spending more and more time at home because of lockdown, paying attention to the finer details of our day has been a top priority. Savouring the simple things and a slower pace has been a popular choice for many.

With lockdown restrictions easing week-on-week, freedom may be there for the taking very soon. And embracing slow beauty more is one thing that will keep us grounded as we negotiate the ups and downs of the new normal.

Contrary to popular belief, slow beauty principles can be applied to more than just the products we use and the beauty rituals we rely on daily to improve the skin, whole-body beauty, and wider wellbeing. Here’s how.

Take an individualised approach to self-care

Reflection is such an important part of living life in the slow lane. As a slow beauty beginner, you will have taken time to define your beauty goals and re-evaluating previous beauty choices to realise a slower, more focused, and deeply personalised routine. This approach should be taken in all areas of your life to find a regime that works best for you.

Be mindful about your next steps and think hard about the things you’d like to achieve by going slow. It’ll define a tailor-made routine to contribute to mindfulness and wellbeing.

Boost your mood with yoga and dance

Yoga and dance are just two examples of mood-boosting activities that you can indulge in to harness the slow beauty ethos of taking time out to enjoy yourself. 

International make-up artist Wendy Rowe explains how she uses dance as a slow beauty staple in her own lifestyle:

“I went to a beginners tap dance class with Beth recently, the energy felt really tribal and I was sweating like crazy. I also do one-on-ones there – because I’m no spring chicken and I’m quite competitive, so I need to be kinder to myself…

I find dance really mindful. I can overthink things and when you are dancing you can’t think about anything else, you can just focus on yourself. And it also uses both sides of the brain.”

Find beauty in what you eat and drink

Fast food may dominate many of our lives as we find it more and more difficult to make time for the basics in our schedule. Yet, slowing down and making an event of these everyday essentials is an indulgence we all need.

As well as using the slow beauty philosophy to choose the freshest, finest, locally-sourced produce as the foundation of your home-cooked meals, it can be used to define recipes and eat right for your body type to best nourish you from the inside out.

Let food be your remedy and take the slow, sustained route to a healthy, satisfying lifestyle.

Meditate to prepare your mind and body

There are so many great benefits that go hand-in-hand with meditation. In the spirit of slowing down, it’s a great addition to everyone’s schedule.

Whether you have time for just a few minutes at the start of the day, or just enough time to tune into your favourite guided meditation app on your daily commute or just before bed.

Don’t forget moving meditation, such as yoga and tai chi, also counts. However you like to meditate, it’s the act of taking a few quiet moments that will unlock those slow beauty benefits and deeper wellbeing.

Slow down and savour your skincare rituals

Skincare is the most well-known slow beauty staple. It’s not just the selection of products that are conscious, sustainable, and ethical that matters, but how you apply them and what happens to them afterwards.

Care for your skin for the long term – avoiding the quick fixes that only really provide temporary results – and make every beauty process a serene, spa-like experience by shopping our organic skincare range today.

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