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Slow beauty 101: Your guide to shopping slow

Slow beauty is the skincare revolution that is on everyone’s lips, but unlike many beauty industry fads, it’s here to stay!

Slow beauty inspires us to enjoy a calmer way of life by simplifying our beauty rituals and embracing fewer but better products instead.

When it comes to slow beauty, less certainly is more, and the slow beauty benefits will be written all over your face. Your skin, wellbeing, and the planet all prosper under the slow beauty regime.

But enough about the advantages of slow beauty, how do you get started? Your slow beauty journey begins with the right products.

Here we explore what to look for when shopping for your very own slow beauty ritual.

Go au naturel

The use of natural ingredients has grown exponentially in recent years. There’s no longer a demand for synthetic ingredients or unrealistically quick fixes.

Instead, consumers are getting back to basics with ingredients derived from the natural world.

With a passion for high quality, natural ingredients, our minimalist formulations are designed to give your skin what it needs, omitting the ingredients it doesn’t.

Here at Organic Apoteke, we focus on aiding skin function first and foremost to deliver simple, conscious skincare solutions that heal from within to provide stunning results both inside and out.

Our shop slow tip: check the ingredients list. If it’s as long as your arm and filled with chemicals, steer clear!

Embrace multifunctional

Slow beauty is all about simpler skincare routines, but paring back your usual 12-step beauty routine to a more modest 2 or 3 step skincare solution doesn’t mean your skin is going without.

As well as choosing beauty products with simpler ingredients, select multifunctional solutions that work on various levels. Your busy schedule will thank you for it and so will your skin!

Our award-winning Active Face Hydrating Gel for instance uses active botanicals to even the complexion, heal and protect, rebalance, and prevent breakouts.

Our shop slow tip: Look for products that are more than just one-trick ponies. Your skin will benefit from these versatile formulas.

You’ll also save tons of time when completing your morning and evening skincare regimes, which will make your slow beauty journey even more of a joy.

Shop local

The world is your oyster when buying anything these days. The net allows us to tap into the wares of far-flung brands, but you don’t have to venture too far virtually to secure the beauty staples you need to live life in the slow lane.

Shop locally with brands that advocate minimalism and formulate their products from the best quality, ethical, organic ingredients.

Our small, but perfectly formulated collection of skincare solutions – we have just 8 products in our range – is all you need to perfect your beauty regime.

Our shop slow tip: Invest in local brands that treasure consciously sourced ingredients. You’ll not only be supporting your local economy. You’ll be choosing a more environmentally-friendly way to beautify yourself that’ll make the world a better place.

Be mindful

Mindfulness is an integral part of slow beauty. Make every beauty purchase a thoughtful one by practising mindfulness every time you shop as online journal Slow Beauty details:

“When it is time to shop, mindful consumerism also gives us the opportunity to purchase thoughtfully and reduce the negative environmental impact that is associated with overconsumption…

First, verify if the item can be repaired; and secondly, consider buying a second-hand version because it can be just as a good or better than a new one.

Furthermore, consider the price of an item—if the price is too good to be true, then it probably is.”

Our shop slow tip: Think before you buy. Ask yourself whether you need the product, and if it’s good for you and the planet.

Start your slow beauty journey by shopping our collection of carefully formulated, ethical, multifunctional slow beauty must-haves right here.

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