The many amazing benefits of eyebright

Benefits of eyebright

Eyebright is a small, unassuming, white-flowered plant that can make a huge difference to skin health. Officially known as ‘Euphrasia’, this semi-parasitic plant has been linked to several health benefits that leave you looking great on the outside and feeling pretty fabulous on the inside too. Eyebright has been harvested and used in herbal medicine…

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Here’s how to eat your way to healthy skin

Eating healthy food

Your diet is your route to the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need to boost health and wellbeing. Without these vital supplies of good stuff, your skin, in particular, will suffer from various nutrient deficiencies and subsequent skin problems becoming apparent without the right vitamins and minerals. With this in mind, you can, in fact,…

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Seasonal skin – how our skin reacts to the climate

Seasonal Skin

From hot humid summers to icy cold winters, our skin has to put up with a lot as far as the climate is concerned. Skin will react to different weather conditions and environmental factors. Sudden changes of temperature, whether that be hot or cold, or environmental changes such as going from dry to humid, our…

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What does dermatologically tested really mean?


The words “dermatologically tested” are seen on most beauty and skincare products, but what do those two words actually mean? A lot of confusion seems to be around the meaning of the statement, a survey of 1000 people was conducted by Health Which? and it found that people thought it meant different things, some thought…

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What your skin says about your health

Your skin is the window to your health. People who are non-smokers, sleep well, have a healthy diet, and drink plenty of water have better skin than those who have stressful lifestyles, smoke, drink alcohol, and  greasy food. Dermatologists can tell a whole lot about underlying health problems just by looking at your skin. There are…

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Your Skin Senses More than Your Eyes

Your skin is a big deal – literally. It’s the largest organ in the body and is vital for life and wellbeing. The skin holds in all the internal body organs, it provides a strong yet flexible barrier between the outside world and your inner body. It also helps with temperature regulation, immune defence, vitamin production, plus perception and…

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