What is slow beauty?

When it comes to trends, the beauty industry is full of them. But when deciphering which trends are here to stay and which are short-lived fads, it’s the kinder, gentler, and more sustainable alternatives that can be the best choice.

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the ‘slow beauty’ movement is a trend on everyone’s lips and already influencing so many people’s beauty, skincare, and self-care choices.

But what is slow beauty and why is now the perfect time for slower, more focused beauty rituals?

Introducing slow beauty

In today’s fast-paced, chaotic world, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to slow down and enjoy a comfortable pace.

Whether you’re thinking about how quickly you’re going to need to get the kids to school – even though you should have left five minutes ago – or how on earth you’ll arrive for that 9am work meeting on time, living life in fast mode is what many us have to rely on to get the job done.

This need for speed influences other areas of our lives too. From fashion to food, it’s the faster options that always tend to make more sense in the moment. The same can be said for our beauty regimes and the products we rely on day-in, day-out.

We often have to rush through our beauty rituals without truly enjoying the experience. But, as the slow beauty movement proves, sometimes the easier, faster option isn’t the best and most satisfying – or the most sustainable.

Slow beauty, and the rituals that make it possible, is all about taking time to think about, choose, purchase and use those beauty products.

By taking the slower, more considered approach, you’re more likely to make sustainable and ethical beauty choices. And as you’ll see from the basics and benefits, slow beauty is here to stay.

The slow beauty basics and benefits

Grasping the basics of slow beauty is simple. By using slow beauty to influence your regime, you’ll be investing in products made using the most ethical ingredients that have been crafted using sustainable techniques.

The movement is about quality, not quantity, and inspires you to use fewer, better beauty products to achieve not just your own beauty goals but to help limit the unnecessary consumption and waste that helps the planet harness hers.

With slow beauty, finding products and developing your own beauty and skincare rituals is a journey of discovery. It’s a voyage that enables you to find out so much more about what your body truly needs.

Less is more with slow beauty. There’s no need for a 12-step skincare routine that uses every product or tool in your arsenal.

By taking your time to discover what works best for you, you don’t become overwhelmed, and neither does your skin.

With this slow, simpler approach to self-care, you can soothe your mind and tackle your own skincare challenges to relieve anxiety, harness better control, and even get more beauty sleep at night and function better by day.

There’s another side to slow beauty too. By taking a more mindful approach to product selection, slowing down your beauty, and prioritising your wellbeing, you’re saying “no” to the quick fixes that can do more harm than good. The Glitter Guide explains more:

“There’s no shortage of beauty products on the shelves. In fact, some could say the industry is oversaturated and overcrowded.

We’re constantly faced with products claiming to ‘revive’, ‘rejuvenate’ and ‘fix’ our skin and hair products. But these products don’t offer sustainable solutions.

Slow beauty is a gentler and kinder alternative to the current trend for harsh and invasive aesthetic fixes that promise immediate results.”

Slow beauty – why now?

After months in lockdown, it’s no wonder we’ve embraced slow beauty in all its glory. This time of solitude inspired many of us to elevate our every day.

With chances to indulge in eating out, shopping and experiences previously not on the cards due to restrictions, we had to get inventive at home.

Many individuals focused on how they can improve themselves both inside and out. More time at home offered the chance to slow down and concentrate on what’s really important – looking after you.

As we move out of lockdown, holding onto more focused, slower beauty rituals is a must, especially as we face further anxiety as we adjust to our new normal.

Taking those quiet moments to de-stress and indulge is the perfect way to keep post-lockdown stress at bay, balance the body and mind, be kinder to ourselves, and even enjoy a touch of escapism during this uncertain period.

Ready to start your slow beauty journey?

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