Slow beauty vs skin minimalism

Slow beauty vs. skin minimalism – what’s the difference?

Lockdown life saw many of us go back to basics with most areas of our lives, including our skincare routines, and it has worked wonders on our complexions.

Now the beauty industry has terms for these simplified approaches to self-care – namely ‘slow beauty’ and ‘skin minimalism’, but what’s the difference?

Here we delve deeper into the trends on everyone’s lips post-lockdown and explore how a combination of the two could mean your skincare ritual is sorted for life!

What is slow beauty?

In a world where living life in the fast lane is the norm, most people are guilty of burning the candle at both ends.

By slowing down and savouring life’s simple pleasures, we can truly enjoy the benefits, which is in truth what slow beauty is all about.

Less really is more with slow beauty. The concept proves that by taking a holistic, sustainable, and natural approach to skincare, we can care for ourselves in a deep and meaningful way, and realise some pretty brilliant results.

Slow beauty encourages the use of simple, natural and targeted ingredients. It’s also particularly eco-friendly with the pared-back routines savoured by slow beauty enthusiasts meaning fewer products, less packaging, and less waste.

During the slow beauty process, you’ll be encouraged to make more mindful choices when personalising your regime.

You’ll concentrate on cultivating natural beauty, and rethink previous sticking points like our obsession with instant results and anti-ageing.

You can find a full introduction to slow beauty here.

How is skin minimalism different?

Whilst slow beauty goes beyond beauty to encourage a more holistic way of life, skin minimalism concentrates solely on the skin and its unique requirements.

As with slow beauty, skin minimalism advocates the use of fewer but better products to create a simplistic skincare routine that complements our busy lifestyles.

Complicated and time-consuming skincare rituals put a burden on our hectic schedules and even affect the skin and its condition in a negative way.

The sheer volume of products most of us use daily for instance can damage the skin microbiome. This can have disastrous consequences for your complexion as Dr Susan Cox, MD partnering dermatologist to Higher Education Skincare, details:

“People think, ‘if I exfoliate more, I can get out those blackheads.’ But that’s not always true. Sometimes, yes, you can. But you can also irritate your skin to the point that you can’t tolerate anything… You can start using so many things that you can dry out your skin. You’re not sure what you’re putting on there, and you really haven’t read the ingredients so you don’t know what’s in there.”

By taking a minimalist approach, you’ll focus on just a few, high-quality products that will benefit and heal your skin, not conceal your imperfections.

Minimalist products ensure a healthy skin barrier that works to enhance the beauty of your skin and solve your unique skincare challenges for the long term.

Here’s how to enjoy the best of both worlds

Slow beauty and skin minimalism teach us that we don’t need a barrage of products to accomplish our skincare goals.

Clean up your skincare routine by trading your multi-step regime for a multifunctional ritual. You’ll minimise the time and money you spend on beauty day-to-day as well as reveal skin barrier saving skincare that guarantees the very best results.

Feed your skin by choosing minimalist, multifunctional products that utilise natural ingredients to leave your microbiome balanced, enriched, and intact.

Our skincare collection – which consists of just 8 products but works on so many levels thanks to our multifunctional, organic formulations – is the perfect place to begin your simple yet meaningful beauty regime.

Our multifunctional, minimalist skincare solutions unlock the transformative power of active botanicals to make a difference to the skin.

As well as unlocking a long list of benefits with a single product, our use of multiple microemulsion technology means nutrients can reach the deeper, living layers of the skin like never before.

In the outermost layer, this acts as a physical and cellular barrier to safeguard against the damaging effects of bacteria and environmental toxins.

Much deeper, the technology works with the cellular membrane to nourish and heal from within, renewing and restoring to support healthy regeneration and beautiful, younger-looking skin.

Take your conscious beauty choices to the next level by adopting slow beauty principles throughout your lifestyle.

Use the time you save with a simpler, minimalist skincare routine to slow down and savour your newfound love of self-care.

Slow beauty principles can transform the acts we take for granted every day, turning even a monotonous morning or evening skincare session into a mindful beauty ritual.

Honing this connection between your body, mind and soul works wonders for your physical, mental and emotional health. You’ll realise so much more than great skin by enjoying the best of both slow beauty and skin minimalism.

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