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Why you should go multifunctional with your skincare choices

Skin minimalism is dominating the beauty market, and for good reason. This pared-back way of beautifying our skin is working wonders, and not just for our complexions.

With fewer products to apply, we’ve got more time on our hands to live our lives the way we want to!

As the name suggests, skin minimalism is all about minimising the skincare products and steps that most of us rely on every day.

The use of fewer but better quality products with natural, targeted, skin barrier saving ingredients is providing better results across the board.

Yet transitioning from a 12-step beauty routine to a more humble 2- or 3-stage ritual may leave many individuals feeling like their skin is missing out. That’s where multifunctional skincare comes in.

Multifunctional products are a minimalist’s dream. With these ‘hybrid’ skincare solutions, you can give your skin what it needs without slapping on every beauty product that you own.

Multifunctional products and minimalism go hand-in-hand to help you realise healthy, balanced and beautiful skin, here’s how.

How to use multifunctional products in your regime

Instead of upping the number of products in your beauty regime – which is everything skin minimalism stands against – you can harness the same, if not better results, by going multifunctional.

Our multifunctional, minimalist products provide effective formulations that don’t overburden the skin.

We use only skin microbiome friendly ingredients to enhance the health of your skin at a dermal level as well as reveal a smoother, glowing complexion.

The active, naturally derived ingredients that make up our multifunctional products provide great results across every layer of the skin, and aid function to help overcome individual skincare challenges.

Those looking to combat the signs of ageing naturally will also find the multifunctional, simpler way of caring for your skin more advantageous.

The natural peptide complex – which is extracted from non-GMO, vegetarian sources – we use works deep within the skin to provide the building blocks for healthy elastin and collagen. This gives you a smooth, firm foundation that paves the way for younger-looking skin.

Why multifunctional skincare solutions reign supreme

When realising all the benefits of embracing a multifunctional yet minimalist routine, looking at the bigger picture can unveil plenty of hidden plus-points.

Multifunctional products mean you spend less time caring for your skin, with one hybrid solution able to replace several cleansers, serums and moisturisers.

The hours you save gives you more time to spend doing what you want to do. Alternatively, you can embrace a touch of slow beauty by reinvesting your time back into your beauty rituals to give your body and mind a relaxing treat.

With hybrid products, you can downsize usage without your skin suffering. Your skin will thank you for its new simplified skincare routine and so will your finances.

By investing in just 2 or 3 good quality, multifunctional formulations you can pamper your skin, prevent the overloading that’s actually causing skin issues and spend even less.

The planet will appreciate your choice too!

There’s yet more rewards to reap, this time on the sustainability front. As with fast fashion, quick-fix skincare can see us investing in lots of products that don’t work all that well or last all that long, which means lots of waste.

Single-use plastics and excessive packaging are prominent issues within the beauty industry. More than 120 billion units of packaging are created annually by this sector alone, the vast majority of which is non-recyclable.

By going multifunctional, you’re mindfully purchasing effective, targeted products that won’t go to waste, and minimising the packaging and surplus products that cause widespread environmental damage.

Multifunctional products are hitting the mainstream

Whilst skin minimalism favours natural beauty above all else, the consumer’s newfound love of multifunction is filtering its way into other areas of the beauty market.

We’ll let Irish Country Magazine explain more:

“More and more skincare-beauty hybrid products will hit the market this year, which is a dream for those who want to simplify their beauty routine. While no one is suggesting you quit that essential double cleanse or serum, but the industry is recognising that consumers want multipurpose makeup with skincare benefits.”

Remember, a flawless, minimalist makeup look needs a solid, healthy and balanced base. Shop our range of multifunctional, minimalist products to transform your skin for the long term.

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