Eczema: How to soothe dry, inflamed skin?

Eczema - how to soothe dry inflamed skin.

Can you treat eczema and soothe  dry, inflamed skin? If you have eczema, a good skin day can be difficult to come by. If the condition affects your face or areas that are often visible, you could also struggle with self-esteem issues. You may have tried a few skin products but not reached the results…

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Skincare products to help reduce skin inflammation

Skin microbiome - maintain healthy bacteria

When skin inflammation strikes, you can be left feeling stressed out. Not only can symptoms feel uncomfortable, it’s not uncommon for skin inflammation to result in low self-esteem. By getting to know what causes or triggers inflammation, you can start feeling more in control. Nature has plenty of answers. Plant-based ingredients can work wonders to…

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Everything You Need To Know About Microbiome Skincare

skin care

Your microbiome helps keep your skin healthy. In this guide we’re looking at how microbiome skincare works. Everyone has a skin microbiome. It’s made up of billions of bacteria, fungi, and viruses that comprise the skin microbiota. Our guts have an ecosystem, and so does our skin. We’re not designed to be squeaky clean. But,…

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The benefits of fermented skincare ingredients?

fermented skincare ingredients

By understanding the benefits of fermented skincare ingredients you can help rebuild your skin. Fermentation is nothing new. However, it is new to the cosmetic industry. Discovered by microbiologist Louis Pasteur, the process is more commonly associated with chocolate, wine, yoghurt and bread. You may wonder how these foodie products translate into skincare? Fermentation is…

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What Products Should You Use For Dry Skin?

Youthful complexion

You don’t have to settle for patches of flaky skin on your face – there is something you can do about it. Unless you have naturally perfect skin (which most of us don’t), people tend to fall into two skin types: oily or dry skin. Both bring their own issues. Dry skin can be caused…

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Why Use Plant-Based Skincare?

Plant based skincare

Mother nature has plenty to offer when it comes to skincare. If you’re thinking of switching to the natural goodness of plant-based beauty products, we’re exploring the benefits. We believe that nature has all the answers for beautiful, healthy-looking skin. Made using plant extracts and oils, this type of skin care is known to have…

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