The benefits of fermented skincare ingredients?

fermented skincare ingredients

By understanding the benefits of fermented skincare ingredients you can help rebuild your skin. Fermentation is nothing new. However, it is new to the cosmetic industry. Discovered by microbiologist Louis Pasteur, the process is more commonly associated with chocolate, wine, yoghurt and bread. You may wonder how these foodie products translate into skincare? Fermentation is…

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The skin microbiome: maintain healthy bacteria

Skin microbiome - maintain healthy bacteria

It’s important to maintain a healthy bacteria in your skins microbiome. Your gut isn’t the only place where the brutal yet all-natural battle between good bacteria and bad bacteria occurs. Your skin has its own complex, trillion-microorganism-strong microbiome. Its legions of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and parasites provide vital protection against the toxins and irritants you…

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