Eczema - how to soothe dry inflamed skin.

Eczema: How to soothe dry, inflamed skin?

Can you treat eczema and soothe  dry, inflamed skin? If you have eczema, a good skin day can be difficult to come by. If the condition affects your face or areas that are often visible, you could also struggle with self-esteem issues. You may have tried a few skin products but not reached the results you wanted.

Common symptoms of eczema include patches of skin that are itchy, dry, cracked and sore. These are all uncomfortable. Common triggers include irritants, such as artificial ingredients in skincare, environmental factors and allergens. Genetics can also play a part.

Modern pressures to have perfect skin can impact your self-confidence. With stress being a trigger for skin inflammation, this is less than ideal.

What skincare products can help soothe Eczema – dry, inflamed skin?

There are skincare products out there that can help. Soothing skin saviours formulated with plant-based ingredients are a good place to start.

When you have an eczema flare up, you want to soothe your inflamed skin.

Protecting your skin and feeding it as much nourishment as possible can help soothe your skin. With consistent use, these products should help boost the overall health of your skin. Specially formulated with plant-based ingredients that soothe, heal and nourish, take a look at our skin saviours.

Organic Hydrating Face Mask

The perfect tonic for your skin, this natural face mask for sensitive skin brings out the healthy, moisturised glow that you’re looking for. Bursting with natural, organic ingredients, we add only the best plant-based goodness into every bottle. End every day with a face mask to soothe and nourish your skin overnight.

Buttermilk Cleanser

Delightfully soothing, this organic Buttermilk Cleanser is a great moisture-boosting product. Apply every morning for that fresh-faced feeling.

How else can you combat eczema?

If you think you have eczema, it’s important to speak to your doctor. They can help to diagnose the condition, give advice on how to manage it and can prescribe medicated creams if necessary.

To soothe your skin for the long-term, it’s recommended that you find a natural skincare routine that keeps your skin calm and soothed. This may seem like mission impossible for a chronic eczema sufferer. You may still be susceptible to the odd flare-up. But, a consistent, gentle skincare routine is a helpful piece of the puzzle to calming skin inflammation.

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