Why it really is time to say “no” to quick fixes and invasive beauty products

Invasive beauty

In a world full of instant solutions, taking the slower, gentler, and longer-term approach often falls by the wayside. Our busy lives may not leave us with a lot of time, but when it comes to some things, quick fixes just don’t cut it. Your skin is a delicate ecosystem that needs a lot of…

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You sense more through your skin than your eyes, nose or ears

As well as your skin being your largest organ, it’s also your biggest asset. The skin plays a vital role in how we sense, respond to and survive the environments we encounter day in, day out. This primary function means it’s the biggest organ of perception your body has. As the title above suggests, your…

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The skin – our largest and most forgotten organ of perception?

The skin is a marvellous thing. As the largest organ in the body, it fulfils so many vital roles, roles that we tend to take for granted. In addition to providing the body with a hardy outer covering, it safeguards the organs, tissues, and muscles within, which is pretty incredible considering it’s made up of…

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Organic Apoteke Products are in a Fluid State

Organic Apoteke Under a Microscope Fluid State

Most skin care products are creams, lotions, gels or oils. Emulsifiers are used to stabilise oils and waters to create creams. But emulsifiers not only prevent the products from soaking into the skin, they can often leech the skin of its essential moisture. Organic Apoteke products are free of emulsifiers. We combine plant oils and…

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