The skin – our largest and most forgotten organ of perception?

The skin is a marvellous thing. As the largest organ in the body, it fulfils so many vital roles, roles that we tend to take for granted. In addition to providing the body with a hardy outer covering, it safeguards the organs, tissues, and muscles within, which is pretty incredible considering it’s made up of just three main layers.

Here Dermatologist Ben Kaminsky explains more about the skin’s protective role:

“As the body’s outer covering, the skin protects the internal organs against heat, light, injury, and infection. It is also sensitive to many different kinds of stimuli such as pain, pressure, temperature, and joint and muscle position. Not only does the skin regulate your body temperature, but it stores water, fat, and vitamin D (a must for keeping your bones and teeth strong).”

The skin’s crucial role doesn’t end there. As one of the most regulated systems within the human body, your skin is charged with maintaining temperature, boosting immunity, producing vitamins, and ensuring sensation – making it integral to not just the preservative of life and health but fundamental to the entire experience.

The unbelievable sensory power of our skin is underestimated by all. Here, we take a closer look at the skin and, more importantly, its status as the largest and most forgotten organ of perception.

What is skin perception?

Skin perception refers to the skin’s unique ability to sense changes. Your skin should naturally be able to tune into the environment around it, just as your eyes and ears do.

The information gleaned helps the skin and your body to function as it should do. It also enables you to experience life more fully.

How the skin adapts to changing environments

Thanks to its sensory abilities, one of the skin’s primary roles is to help you survive and thrive even in the face of changing environments.

It actively shields you (and your internal workings) from harmful environmental factors such as UV radiation, toxic substances, and microorganisms, whilst maintaining the optimum conditions your body needs to function correctly.

The structure of the skin is so complex that your body is cushioned from external trauma, insulated from the cold, and protected against water loss.

Our skin aims to help us feel, touch, and ultimately experience environments in the most rewarding way, without impacting or disrupting body function.

Healthy skin satisfies the term ‘perception’ in a traditional sense too, providing the perception of beauty, youth and wellness thanks to its quality and condition.

Does your beauty regime enhance or inhibit skin perception?

You have more control over skin perception than you may think. While the skin naturally aims to enhance skin perception to leave your body in the best possible shape to cope with all that modern environments throw at it, how we look after our skin can enhance or inhibit this natural function.

Invasive skin treatments like chemical peels, dermal abrasion, Botox, fillers, and harsh skin cleansers have profound effects on the skin and can even stop it from functioning at its best.

These interventions may be positive from a beauty point of view – helping you realise your version of what beautiful is – but they can strip the skin’s perception abilities. Keeping skin healthy after all goes far beyond aesthetically enhancing treatments and products.

Why going natural with your skincare is the answer

Here at Organic Apoteke, our skincare products work with, not against, your skin’s natural abilities to aid perception and enhance beauty in one fell swoop.

Our all-natural, organic range optimises the skin for better health while conquering or managing skin problems. Our skincare products remedy the dryness, sensitivity, sun damage, and congestion that can disrupt the sensory power of the skin’s surface.

You’ll find nothing artificial in our products as a result, with our alcohol, fragrance- and emulsifier-free formulations healing the skin and benefitting perception.

All our products are also nature-identical, which means our ingredients remain in a raw, unprocessed and fluid state, and actively change according to the environment so you can experience so much more.

Find out more about our perception-enhancing, beauty-boosting skincare range right here. You can even discover products that tackle your unique skin concern, leaving you to find the perfect, all-natural solution.

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