Organic Apoteke Under a Microscope Fluid State

Organic Apoteke Products are in a Fluid State

Most skin care products are creams, lotions, gels or oils. Emulsifiers are used to stabilise oils and waters to create creams. But emulsifiers not only prevent the products from soaking into the skin, they can often leech the skin of its essential moisture.

Organic Apoteke products are free of emulsifiers. We combine plant oils and waters in the same way that nature does. Like all things natural Organic Apoteke products are in a Fluid state.

Fluid state products are:

  • capable of flowing easily like water,
  • easily absorbed
  • continuously adapting to environmental changes.

All living cells are in a fluid state – constantly adapting to survive the environment that surrounds them. And most importantly all substances that heal and nourish human cells are in a fluid state too – think blood and lymph.

Organic Apoteke has learned from nature.

Using organic ingredients, we have created products that are in a fluid state. This makes it easier for your skin cells to absorb the nutrients in Organic Apoteke products. These nutrients are then able to heal, protect and rebuild your skin.

By honouring Nature, Organic Apoteke has created products that are both pure and effective.

Our products in their fluid state have been described as “liquid gold”. They have the ability to stimulate your skin to heal from within.

Healthy skin is beautiful skin.