Organic Apoteke Nutrient Delivery System

How to Use Organic Apoteke Products? Layering

Because our products are in a fluid state, they may appear completely different from the heavier creams or gels that you have used in the past.

Don’t let this fool you. Organic Apoteke products are deeply nourishing and protective.

One of the problems with heavier creams is that they sit on the surface of the skin, unable to reach the deeper layers. This means that the skin surface may seem hydrated even though the deeper skin cells may be dehydrated. This causes fine lines and wrinkles tp appear even though you take good care of your skin.

Organic Apoteke is Different.

Our products disappear into the skin moments after applying the product. Our products nourish the skin from inside out.

Apply Our Products in Layers

However, if you are new to Organic Apoteke – and have been using a products in the past that left the deeper layers of your skin dehydrated then you will find that Organic Apoteke products disappear into the deeper layers of the skin and sometimes the surface layers can feel dry. This is because the products are designed to work from inside out. The deeper skin cells get the nutrients first.

If this happens to you, we recommend applying a second layer of the product (moisturiser).. And depending on how dehydrated your skin cells are, you may have to apply a third layer.

Our Guarantee

But rest assured, after using Organic Apoteke products for a week or two, the deeper layers of your skin cells will be hydrated and healthy and you will just need to apply a single layer of product.

And your skin will glow with health and vitality from within – that’s the Organic Apoteke promise.