Skin care tips

Keep skin healthy with these three simple steps

As the human body’s largest organ, your skin needs a little tender loving care to stay in tip-top condition. Skin does so much more than make us look presentable.

It’s a waterproof, insulating barrier that keeps the good stuff in and damaging sunlight, harmful chemicals, and troublesome bacteria out.

At Organic Apoteke, we understand the skin’s needs more than most and have created a collection of pure products that provide proven results to ensure individuals like you have all you need to take care of your skin from the outside in.

Although our active and rejuvenating skincare ranges are great places to begin, healthy skin relies on more than just great products that give great results.

Here we talk you through three simple steps to healthier, glowing, younger-looking skin, so you can enrich your skincare routine and nourish your skin like never before.

Step 1 – Go back to basics with your diet

In a world of celebrity obsession and fad diets, it’s all too easy to get swept away on what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to eating and drinking.

Forgetting the fads and going back to basics with your diet is a great way to nourish your skin from within.

A diet filled with fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, and lean protein will unlock great skin and other health benefits.

As fans of the age-old Ayurveda traditions, Ayurvedic medicine not only influences the formulation of our skincare products but what and how we eat and drink.

Eating Ayurveda is a fantastic way to get back to basics and look after your skin and health without restricting yourself.

The Ayurvedic diet relies on natural, organic, fresh, whole foods, and steers clear of the skin-damaging processed, artificially enhanced products that are so readily available these days.

Find out how you can go back to basics with your diet by eating Ayurveda here.

Step 2 – Make time for daily exercise

Regular exercise has been proven to benefit the skin in many ways as dermatologist Ellen Marmur MD explains:

“We tend to focus on the cardiovascular benefits of physical activity, and those are important. But anything that promotes healthy circulation also helps keep your skin healthy and vibrant… Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body, including the skin… 

But by increasing blood flow, a good bout of exercise helps flush cellular debris out of the system… You can think of it as cleansing your skin from the inside.”

With today’s hectic lifestyles, it can be all too easy to let daily exercise fall by the wayside, especially as we adjust to a new normal in a post lockdown world.

If lockdown has taught us anything however, it’s that maintaining good health and wellbeing can be done at home and doesn’t rely on spending hours at a gym.

Just as you’ve gone back to basics with your diet, do the same with your exercise regime to unlock better results for your skin.

Yoga is a great workout for your body, mind and soul that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine, and better yet, you can get started at home with our essential guide.

Taking your workout outdoors (weather permitting) will unlock yet more benefits for skin health.

Outdoor workouts provide a healthy dose of vitamin D as well as a chance to connect with nature for better mental wellbeing. Just don’t forget to apply your sunscreen!

Step 3 – Look after your mental health

The stresses and strains of your everyday take their toll on your skin. When you’re experiencing stress, your body’s natural response is to release stress hormones – which directly impacts skin health and condition.

For some, stress will show itself as a short term skin irritation or rash. For others, the effects of stress can have a more severe impact, triggering hair loss, inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea, causing flare-ups of acne, or exacerbating symptoms of eczema or psoriasis.

To ensure you keep your skin, mind and wider body healthy look into ways that you can break the cycle and cope with stress.

Mindfulness, regular yoga sessions or good ‘sleep hygiene’ are effective techniques that provide long term solutions.