Glowing skin tips

The new glow up: how to achieve a natural, dewy look

With summer on the horizon, it’s a natural, dewy complexion that’s the skincare look of the moment once again.

The dewy look is the epitome of summer, with its luminous nature delivering that hydrated glow that’s coveted by so many.

Fresh and smooth, dewy skin is no doubt a stunning look, but achieving it just in time for summer is another story. That’s where skin minimalism and slow beauty come in.

By going back to basics with a slow, minimalist skincare regime you can enjoy a beautiful, all-natural radiant look and lay the foundation for healthy skin.

We’re here to share our step-by-step guide to making your glow up a reality.

Embrace antioxidants and amino acids

As the building blocks that make up proteins, amino acids are all-natural ingredients that help guarantee radiant results.

The hydrating benefits they unlock work wonders for the skin and create the dewy look we all want to achieve.

We’ll let Byrdie explain more about how amino acids actively hydrate the skin:

“We already have amino acids in the top layers of our skin, and they’re very busy working on keeping our skin hydrated by pushing moisture through and into the skin.

We’ve all known the tragic impact a lack of moisture makes on our skin. It’s not just dryness—everything from acne to rough textures to those pesky lines may pop up—so we’re all for an extra boost of hydration in whatever form it comes.”

When teamed with antioxidants – as they are in our Rasayana Rejuvenating Serum – the benefits are maximised and made even more visible. This powerful combination promotes cellular repair and powers the skin’s natural function to brighten further.

Restore with a rejuvenating face mask

Face masks are generally used as occasional treats, but by making them a part of your beauty regime, you can enjoy an instant pick me up to keep tired, pale skin nourished and glowing.

Our Rejuvenating Face Mask has been developed to nourish and strengthen the skin, boosting collagen, and building elastin to enhance microcirculation deep down.

This intensive stimulation encourages the regeneration of cells to restore the skin’s natural balance. The result? A youthful glow as well as firm, toned skin!

Exfoliate the skin – the gentle way!

Exfoliation is particularly important when revealing soft, smooth and glowing skin. By removing dead cells, it brightens the skin’s appearance to leave it fresher, brighter, and more fabulous.

Whilst exfoliation should be a crucial step in anyone’s skincare routine, it becomes even more essential as we age and the natural removal of dead skin cells slows. But your choice of exfoliator doesn’t have to be harsh or abrasive.

Our Buttermilk Cleanser is nourishing, softening and exfoliating. It uses damask rose oil and buttermilk powder to dissolve impurities and polish away the dead skin cells that keep the complexion looking a little sad.

The soy oil it contains means this formulation is also rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E. These ingredients help heal the skin and remedy an uneven tone to ensure smoothness that goes hand-in-hand with a dewy look.

Drink your way to glowing skin

It’s not just what you apply topically that helps to create beautiful, dewy skin.

Get your fix of antioxidants, encourage cellular repair, and help your skin glow with a daily cup or two of our Antioxidant Afternoon Tea.

Its organic ingredients – which include organic hibiscus flower, organic rosehips and organic tea rose damascene – are particularly skin-friendly, not to mention a vital boost for your wider health and wellbeing.

The tea helps to renew and hydrate cells to encourage a dewy appearance, whilst boosting immunity, balancing mood, and reducing pain and inflammation.

Explore our radiance skincare range and realise healthy-looking, dewy skin naturally just in time for summer!

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