Enjoying the summer

The ultimate summer skincare dos and don’ts

Summer is here, and with lockdown restrictions easing, many of us are looking forward to taking our lives off pause and enjoying the freedoms that we haven’t been able to enjoy for what seems like a very long time!

For most, the great outdoors will have a huge part to play in cementing our summer comeback, and with this and the warmer weather, our skincare routines have to change with the times.

So, without further ado, here’s the ultimate summer skincare dos and don’ts to see you through the season.

DON’T forget the sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t just an essential during those days out at the beach. We recommend that you wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or more all year round to unlock the benefits of healthy, protected skin. But come summer, SPF becomes even more essential.

Be For Innovation explains why applying SPF is the summer skincare step you should never skip:

“The depletion of the ozone layer has increased the risk of sun damage from harmful UV rays. Using an SPF blocks these rays, reducing the chance of sunburn and even lowers your chances of skin cancer. It prevents premature ageing of skin; sun damage over time causes the breakdown of collagen which in turn contributes to lines, wrinkles and sagging- Did you know the sun is responsible for up to 90% of ageing skin?”

Wearing sunscreen daily, whatever the weather outside, also improves your skin tone. With a daily SPF, you’re less likely to experience the discolouration and dark spots that go hand-in-hand with sun damage.

DO use breathable, lightweight products

Your skin needs extra help during those warmer, more humid summer months to stay cool, fresh and balanced, so don’t give it any unnecessary extra layers to deal with. Just as you’ve lightened up your wardrobe for summer, lighten up your beauty regime.

Give your skin a break from heavy, thick makeup, and instead use a skincare routine that relies on fewer, better quality, lightweight products. Choosing skincare solutions that are breathable, fluid and effortless will help you and your skin feel as light and airy as it should do during summer.

These lightweight, breathable products enhance not disrupt skin function to ensure your skin is hydrated, radiant and noticeably healthier.

DON’T complicate things, simplify them

As trends slow beauty and skin minimalism taught us, you don’t have to go OTT with your skincare regime to enjoy great results.

By going back to basics, and swapping your complex skincare routine with a simplified yet succinct beauty ritual, you can look after your skin, indulge in a little self-care, and lay the foundation for a beautiful, natural look that lasts long after summer has come to an end.

You can do all this by choosing multifunctional solutions to replace the many products that make up your usual 10- or 12-step beauty regime. Multifunctional products satisfy the skin in several ways in one fell swoop.

Take our award-winning Active Face Hydrating Gel as an example. As well as providing a much-needed moisture bomb for your skin from day to day, it evens tone, heals and protects, rebalances, reduces oiliness, and calms inflammation to prevent breakouts. That’s a whole lot of boxes ticked!

By going multifunctional, you can cut your product use to just two or three essentials to save time, money and your skin.

DO buff away those summer excesses

As temperatures rise, sunscreen usage and sweating give your skin a little extra to deal with. Whilst using lightweight, breathable products will go some way in balancing these summer excesses, working gentle exfoliation into your skincare regime is recommended.

With exfoliation, you can unblock clogged pores and reduce the oiliness that often comes with the summer and increases the likelihood of breakouts.

Remember, easy does it. A gentle exfoliator is an effective, skin-friendly way to dissolve impurities, leaving your skin looking fresh and feeling super smooth without subjecting it to damaging over-exfoliation.

In the spirit of being multifunctional and gentle, you have to try our Buttermilk Cleanser. It exfoliates, softens, nourishes and smooths to give even dry and sensitive skin the resurfacing help it needs during summer and beyond.

For multifunctional skincare solutions that are kind to the skin and made for every season, explore our full range.

Image: Anna Om / Shutterstock.com