Makeup free for summer

The benefits of baring it all – here’s to a no-makeup summer!

The no-makeup look is in! And with the warmer weather here, now is the ideal time to embrace a dewy, natural look that just screams summer.

For decades, many of us have relied on makeup to not only help us look good, but feel good. Feeling confident in your own skin isn’t always easy, and as well as adjusting your skincare routine to encourage the healthy, balanced, glowing complexion that helps you pull that no-makeup look off, shifting to a bare face is all about changing your mindset.

With a change in thinking and a great skincare regime courtesy of our all-natural products, however, there’s so much to look forward to.

We explore what happens when you stop wearing makeup and reveal the top benefits of bearing it all!

Fall in love with your skin – and yourself!

By learning to embrace your natural beauty with a few makeup-free days, you can truly appreciate your natural look.

Bearing it all allows you to fall in love with your skin, and yourself, as well as invest in the self-care that you deserve.

Remember, a no-makeup day doesn’t mean forgoing skincare. Skipping makeup application gives you more time to give your skin the care it needs and to tackle the skin concerns that you feel hold you back.

Let your skin breathe and be healthy

Combating the skin complaints you suffer from isn’t easy when you regularly wear a full face of makeup. In fact, many skin problems are linked to the overuse of makeup, particularly if you usually rely on thick, heavy products.

SalonRates explains more about the effects makeup wear can have on your skin:

“Even the best makeups can eventually lead to clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads and redness. Frequently wearing makeup can also lead to increased pore size, eye infections, dry skin, allergic reactions and an increase in skin ageing. Some dermatologists also admit that wearing makeup can lead to increased sun damage on the skin because these women often believe that their makeup is giving them sufficient SPF.”

By letting your skin breathe, you can focus on protecting and maintaining your skin tone, and encouraging a healthy, balanced skin microbiome.

You’ll also minimise the likelihood of developing skin problems or exacerbating existing conditions.

Enjoy younger-looking skin for longer

Certain makeup products like powders sit in fine lines and wrinkles to make them more visible. A fact that means going makeup-free could help to reduce the signs of premature ageing. Too much makeup emphasises the fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores that make the skin look and feel much older.

Removing makeup after every wear is of course vital but the process of removing heavy makeup daily also has a profoundly negative effect on the skin.

The tugging and stretching that goes hand-in-hand with regular makeup removal can have a lasting impact, leaving the skin saggy and shapeless.

Many women also fall foul of the makeup application mistakes that make the skin appear older. Using the wrong foundation, over-contouring, highlighting, and setting makeup with powder being the most common makeup faux pas.

By leaving your makeup days behind, you look your age and can work on nourishing the skin for a younger look and feel for the long haul.

Save time, money and the planet

With a recent study revealing that the average British woman spends around £400 on cosmetics every year, going makeup-free could save you lots of cash. The same survey found that British women own at least 24 makeup products at any one time.

By investing in skincare and taking the minimalist approach, you can purchase products that work without clogging up your pores or your bathroom cabinet. The planet will love your pared-back approach to skincare too, with fewer purchases meaning less waste.

It’s not just money and the environment that you’ll save by going back to basics. You’ll have tons of time on your hands too by replacing your complex makeup and skincare routines with a simplistic, skin-friendly regime.

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