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Get gorgeous skin because the no make-up look is in

Our beauty regimes and expectations have evolved dramatically in the past year or so. Lockdown taught us many lessons. As we spent more and more time at home, many of us quickly realised what was (and wasn’t) important, and that’s our health and wellbeing.

Juggling the pressures of lockdown and negotiating our new normal amid a pandemic, after all, isn’t easy, and with this, lots of people made self-care a top priority.

As we move out of lockdown and Covid restrictions continue to ease, one thing’s for sure, the shifting beauty dynamic is here to stay! And as a major advocate of enhancing your natural beauty and looking after your skin so it makes you not just look but feel good, we couldn’t be happier.

Going bare and embracing the no-makeup look is more beautiful and popular than ever before as a result  – even the celebrities are at it! But, how can you get the gorgeous skin that ensures you pull off this powerful, barely there look with effortless ease? Read on to discover our top tips…

Create a great base

Any great makeup look relies on a solid base, and that becomes even more important when creating a no-makeup look. But we’re not talking about investing in a decent primer! Your skin is the foundation, and it should be given all the care and attention it deserves to become the very best it can be.

Contrary to popular belief, and as lockdown may have taught you, you don’t need a complicated 10- or 12-step beauty regime to achieve great results.

Simplifying your approach to self-care is the key to healthy, balanced and nourished skin. Have a belated spring clean to minimise the products you rely on every morning and evening.

Go for quality, not quantity, when selecting the skincare products that will see you through summer and beyond. Choose multifunctional skincare solutions that work on a multitude of levels, as well as products that prize natural ingredients that help, not inhibit, skin function.

Thanks to a pared-back routine, you can save time and give your skin what it needs to thrive in the short and long term.

Do it like a dolphin

Letting your natural beauty shine through is the thing in 2021, and with summer in full swing, it’s the dewy look that reigns supreme.

Makeup artists are calling it dolphin skin and it’s already being referred to as a top trend amongst industry experts and celebs. Here InStyle offers an insight into the dolphin inspired look:

“Just like the reflective, wet skin of dolphins, this bare-faced makeup look is all about a fresh, glowing complexion. Celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips is known for giving her clients like Hailey Bieber that elusive lit-from-within glow. Aside from a dewy highlight, the rest of the look consists of simple no-makeup makeup.”

Go lightweight and breathable

Whether you’re busy choosing the best skincare solutions for your skin type or need some new makeup for an impromptu night out with the girls, you’ll find that things have certainly changed in terms of how these products are formulated.

Not so long ago the desired look for foundation was a much thicker, matte layer. Yet now makeup and skincare are becoming much more lightweight, effortless, and breathable.

Skincare and makeup formulas should hug the skin not suffocate it, leaving it comfortable and content even when providing long-wear coverage. Using breathable products is vital to skin health too, with your skin’s microbiome needing to breathe to stay balanced, healthy, and blemish-free.

During the hotter, stickier months, breathable formulas are the best alternative to full coverage products.

There’s no smudges or smears, annoying imprints from sunglasses on the nose or cheeks, or increased oiliness as temperatures and humidity levels creep up, just a beautifully balanced, healthy-looking complexion.

Shop our multifunctional, organic skincare solutions today and say “no” to heavy makeup and a big, fat “yes” to natural beauty by summer.

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