Menopausal acne tips

Get Glowing Skin Through the Menopause & Beyond

How do you get glowing skin through the menopause? The menopause can be a turbulent time for women. Hormonal fluctuations bring many changes, both emotional and physical. It can wreak havoc on our skin. Hormonal changes alongside ageing skin can bring a tsunami of skin problems. Redness from hot flushes, drying skin or hormonal acne are just some of the ways your skin can change. If you’re wondering what you can do about it, we have the skin care advice and products you need.

At Organic Apoteke, we’ve dedicated a lifetime in the lab to create skincare that can help with most – if not all – menopausal-related skin issues. Founder of Organic Apoteke, Nitasha Buldeo, is a doctor of Natural Medicine. With her expertise, she’s created products that help protect and nourish your skin with scientifically proven formulas.

Our approach has and always will be to source from nature. We believe nature has the answers, you just have to look in the right places.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients that can help give you the glowing skin you want, no matter what stage of life you’re at.

Studies show that during the menopause, our skin’s pH and bacteria composition changes. Your skin can also lose its ability to hold water, as well as begin to lose its collagen and elastin – proteins that help keep your skin firm and smooth.

Ingredients that help you get glowing skin through the menopause

The below ingredients all offer unique benefits that help restore healthy skin by protecting and nourishing your microbiome and skin layers during the menopause and beyond.

Rose Oil cools inflamed skin and can help reduce redness.

Arginine balances sebum production to prevent oily skin – ideal for soothing oily breakouts.

Sea Salt cleanses without drying the skin.

Pentapeptide Amino Acids supports skin structures and helps replenish your collagen and elastin. Our natural peptide complex is crafted solely from natural amino acids which restores your skin’s firmness and helps to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles.

Honey protects against dehydration and soothes skin. As a natural humectant, honey can draw out and seal in moisture where your skin needs it the most.

Buttermilk is soothing and calming.

Shop organic skin care for the menopause online at Organic Apoteke today. Our products contain only organic-certified ingredients. We use only natural ingredients that protect and nourish your beautiful skin.