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Hormonal acne – All you need to know

Unfortunately, the skin complaints we suffer with during our teenage years don’t always disappear as we age. All too often, these earlier problems get replaced by other, more stubborn skin conditions.

Hormonal acne is just one skin issue that many of us think we’ve seen the back of when graduating from adolescence. Yet due to the hormonal fluctuations and imbalances we experience at various stages of our lives and for varying reasons, acne can reveal itself again and again.

In this blog post, we take a closer look at hormonal acne and the treatments that could just help you get back to a clear, healthy and radiant complexion.

Hormonal acne is an ageless skin condition

As hormonal acne is caused by fluctuations and imbalances in your hormone levels it’s easy to think that you suffer its consequences solely in your teenage years. Hormonal acne is however an ageless skin condition that can be triggered at several stages throughout our lifetimes.

Women go through a multitude of hormonal changes. Every month, menstruation can cause the hormonal imbalances that cause acne to resurface. Whilst from 40 onwards, the perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause wreak havoc with our skin. Pregnancy can also cause hormonal acne breakouts.

Lifelong, incurable conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can cause hormonal acne too as MedicalNewsToday reveals:

“One of the key features of PCOS is high levels of hormones called androgens. Doctors call this hyperandrogenism. Androgens play an important role in the development of acne. They cause the glands in the skin to produce an excess of an oily substance called sebum. Acne occurs when sebum and dead skin cells build up inside hair follicles, trapping bacteria beneath the skin. This leads to inflammation and the formation of pimples.”

Hormones aren’t the only culprit

Hormonal acne is caused by the production of excess sebum by the skin’s oil glands. This is triggered by the hormone imbalances previously mentioned, and the condition worsens without the right skincare regime as dead skin cells and bacteria clog pores.

There are several other factors that cause hormonal acne to show itself or result in worsening breakouts.

Stress, fatigue, and the use of hair and skincare products that aren’t designed to be hormonal acne treatments are causes of hormonal acne that can be controlled. Pollution, high humidity and poor diet can also cause your hormonal acne to worsen.

Hormonal acne isn’t the same as teenage acne

Contrary to popular belief, hormonal acne differs from the acne you may have suffered as a teenager.

Unlike teenage acne – which generally shows itself on the face – the lower face (usually along the jawline and on the chin), neck, chest, back and shoulders are problem areas for hormonal acne sufferers.

The lesions caused by hormonal acne also tend to be painful, under-skin cysts that can’t be manually extracted rather than a mixture of pustules, papules, blackheads and whiteheads.

Hormonal acne is treatable!

There’s no need to put up with hormonal acne breakouts. With the right skincare regime, you can treat hormonal acne and reveal beautiful, spot-free, healthy-looking skin.

Here at Organic Apoteke, we offer a three-step solution for hormonal acne treatment. Begin and end every day by cleansing with our organic facial cleanser. It’s the best cleanser for oily, spot-prone skin, and actively but gently detoxifies the skin, whilst refining pores and stimulating the healing process.

Finish your daily skincare routine with our award-winning organic face moisturizer. Again this formula rebalances the skin, using lemon oil and arginine to reduce the oil and calm the inflammation at the heart of hormonal acne. It also evens, heals, protects and hydrates your complexion.

Clean even more deeply to relieve hormonal acne symptoms by applying our detox face mask to your face and neck once or twice a week. Its potent, anti-pollution formulation deeply purifies, extracting the impurities and lifting the dead skin cells that so easily clog pores.

Discover the ultimate routine for hormonal acne by purchasing our Total Detox Facial kit and enjoy spot-free, glowing skin in weeks.

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